Friday , December 3 2021

"Would you rather see them destroyed?" Griselda Siciliani defended Thelma and Calu


For a week, Thelma Fardin publicly condemned Juan Darthés for an alleged relationship. In turn, the actor had to participate in the trial hearing for the trial he initiated against Calu Rivero, who had accused him of harassment. Therefore he initiated legal action for "injuries and prejudices". Both cases became so important that there are still major discussions about them.

Calu became harshly questioned since she spoke to Darthés, but as soon as Thelma made his statements, many apologized. Among them are many celebrities like Eva de Dominici, Adrián Suar, Sebastian Estevanez, Flor Viga and Facunda Arana. But there are those who think very differently and show it in the networks.

This weekend, the group of Actrices Argentinas made a party at the end of the year, and uploaded the images to the company's Intagram account. In one they saw Rivero and Fardin very happy, joining an embrace in the DJ cabin, where the catamarqueña passed music. A netizen shared a video of the emotional moment and wrote: "Calu Rivero and Thelma Fardin, in a party of joda, celebrate the declines against Darthes. It happened this weekend. Does it seem me or a little strange?"

When you read the message, Griselda Siciliani, who is a member of the feminist group, broke into rage at the sight of the tweet, she replied, "But what the hell is wrong with you? How they rape and beaten can not dance, laugh and hug?" Would you rather see them ruined? leave you calmer? WE ARE FREE AND IF WE ARE SINGING WE ARE OF JODA. "

It is worth remembering that Griselda She had already been furious after Juan statements during the interview with Mauro Viale. Then the interpreter refused to have raped the young woman and accused her of trying to seduce him. At these moments, Siciliani She said indignantly: "You say a liar to the girl you've raped! You're raping her again! # BastaYA."

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