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World Asteroid Day 2019: Here's when and why the day is monitored globally

New Delhi: The world is following international asteroid day today June 30th. The day is highlighted to raise public awareness of the potentially dangerous effects of asteroids and to inform the public of crisis communication measures to be undertaken at global level in the event of a credible neighborhood -Earth object threat.

Near Earth objects (NEOs) consist of asteroids or comets that are potentially catastrophic threats to our planet, as they pass near the Earth's orbit. To date, over 16,000 near-Earth asteroids have been discovered according to NASA's NEO study center. The world's largest asteroid impact in recorded history occurred on June 30, 1908 near Tunguska in Siberia, Russia and is therefore remembered as the Tunguska event.

Why is the World Asteroid Day observed?

The United Nations gave the call to declare the day as International Asteroid Day in December 2016, when the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A / RES / 71/90 to "annually ensure annually on the anniversary of the Tunguska influence over Siberia, the Russian Federation, June 30, 1908, and to raise public awareness of the risk of asteroid effects. "

Based on a proposal from the Association of Space Explorers, approved by the Committee on Peaceful Use of External Space (COPUOS), the resolution was adopted.

The second largest asteroid effect was felt on February 15, 2013, when an exceptionally large fireball or superbolt went into high speed into the atmosphere and disintegrated in the forest over Chelyabinsk. This was recognized as the second most energetic impact event since the Tunguska blast.

How does asteroid affect a global issue?

The NEO consequence hazard has been recognized as a global issue requiring international response after years of work by the UNO Space Agency (UNOOSA). A call for cooperation measures of interest to public security has been made to deal with such a danger. The measures include identifying the objects that pose a threat to the impact and planning a corresponding mitigating campaign.

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