Sunday , May 29 2022

Workers of an excooperative woke up the Panamericana protest after a Gendarmerie operation


Workers of Cooperative Madygraf -ex Donnelley – performed a partial crossing of transit and a "cuadernazo" in kilometers 36.7 by the collector of the Escobar branch on the Panamericana highway. The measure was to warn the risk of job losses and ask for official assistance as a result of the increase in interest rates. On the spot, it The National Gendarmerie mounted a preventive operation of security before the possibility that the protesters tried to cut the road.

Eduardo Ayala, the cooperative's workers, declared that the protest was "in defense for 150 jobs as a result of the tax rate they suffered from the various services; but especially in the electricity bill, where the last ticket was for a million pesos. "

The co-workers told it Production fell by a quarter, which four years ago was 20 million yards (unit of measurement for printing).

Laura Novoa, another worker, said they had collaborated for four years and that's why they could defend their workplace. But he warned: "With these costs and the low production it is impossible to continueTherefore, we put posters on the factory door and we raise awareness among the population. "

The Cuadernazo consisted of Free delivery of laptops to drivers, in order to maintain a dialogue and internalize them about the situation, the workers indicated. Left groups also participated in the intersection.

The co-operative Madygraf appeared in connection with the closure of the former Donnelley, 2014. The unit preserved the work and incorporated new workers while retaining the operation and maintenance of machinery.

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