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With taruca as a picture comes a new 100 peso bill – 12/18/2018


A new member comes to family tickets "Native Animals of Argentina". From this Wednesday A new paper currency of 100 pesos will go into circulation, announced the central bank on Tuesday. In this case it will take the picture off hippocamelus antisensis, a deer that lives in the northwest of the country.

The new ticket will coexist with the other two models with the same name: Eva Perón and Julio Argentino Roca.

IN negative The portrait of the animal with ornamental flowers, accompanied by the text "Taruca monumental natural nacional" is reproduced by the new paper money. And to the right of reading "Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.

The Security Fund represents a mountainous natural environment in the lower part of the front. In the upper sector, the sky and the representations of tarucafot print are observed in several directions, as a symbol of diversity and ornamental flowers on both sides.

In the upper left corner, the letter "C" expresses the value of the ticket in the Roman numeral and on the right, the animal's silhouette.

For its part, it reverse shows as an important reason an artistic recreation of Famatina Cord, where this mammal lives. Between the landscape and the bicontinental map of the Argentine Republic there is another map of distribution.

Security measures for the new ticket.

Security measures for the new ticket.

On the top side edges, a set of pickles is completed by joining the ends of the bill. The silhouettes of footsteps distributed in the background in different directions continue the concept of the majority of the front.

In the lower left corner we see a representation of taruca as an element dedicated to children.

Family tickets, complete

Arrival of Taruca completes the family "Native Animals of Argentina", aimed at highlighting the vast wealth and diversity in our country.

The ticket series consists of six animals: Hornero (1000 pesos), I Yaguarete (500) southern right whale (200) Andes condiments (50) guanaco (20) and now hippocamelus antisensis (100).

The front of each paper currency refers to the figure of a typical animal in each region, while the reverse emphasizes the characteristic habitat of that species.

According to the central bank, this series of tickets is trying to be a meeting place between Argentineans that helps to unite citizens in the task of honoring the country, its fauna and strengthening environmental impact with joy and life. "

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