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will sell your house to pay debts

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Marie Antoinette of the snows, the actress who put the skin on the character of Chilindrina in El Chavo part 8, She revealed that she owes a great debt to an American hospital because of her husband's health problems.

In an interview for the program "Ventanenado"The 68-year-old artist told me she will be putting her house in it Acapulco, Guerrero, to pay for medical expenses.

"We have not stopped paying. It takes us a long time to stop paying. How about Mexico yes. Here we have health insurance, but it is still a health insurance that you have to pay for an amount every time you go into a hospital, "he explained.

As he explained, the debt was magnified because of the high cost of drugs. According to his account, every week they have to spend close 35,000 pesos in cures for both.

"I became very serious when this happened to him, something called fibromyalgia came to me, thank God, I am already struggling but it is a very strong disease and we are both. That's why we have a nurse and a nurse"he mentioned.

Before the lack of another resource to pay the bills, "Chilindrina" decided to sell the property. "But it doesn't matter, the good things are to solve the bad ones," he said before the cameras.

María Antonieta and Gabriel Fernández is married more than 50 years ago and the product of that marriage had Gabriel and Verónica Fernández Gómez.

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