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Why Boca and River will not play Superclásico summer – 12/18/2018


The river and Boca met each other as a couple of times this year. And with the exception of the draw of the first final in Bombonera (2 to 2), the millionaire team was always there. He also won summer-friendly in Mar del Plata (1 to 0) with a goal by Rafael Santos Borré. Later, he won Supercopa Argentina (2 to 0, the night of the goals Gonzalo Martínez and Ignacio Scocco) in Mendoza, in the Superliga duel (2-0, again with Pity and Nacho as goalkeeper) played in Bombonera and in the final of Copa Libertadores (3 to 1) in Madrid. They were too many cachetazos for bichampion of Argentine football.

Nevertheless, nothing had to do with the results when making a strong decision: not face in the usual before the season friendly. It was solved by Daniel Angelici and Rodolfo D & Onofrio, despite the differences that led them away from recent times. In any case, there is pressure from television to create a space for filtering Superclásico in the busy summer day.

"We have many asterisks in Superliga and they have already set us two dates in late January. We can not play against Boca. And if they ask us to do that, we say no," said D & # 39; Onofrio bugle in this city. The river is responsible for four games in the tournament and from offices in Puerto Madero, where the new Argentinian football structure is nailed, the two already programmed. On Saturday, January 19, 20 on the monumental, will receive defense and justice. On Wednesday 23, even in Núñez but at 21, we will meet the Union. On January 27, Patronato, again in Udaondo and Figueroa Alcorta, will play in the resumption of the championship. The ongoing meetings with Godoy Cruz in Mendoza and downtown Rosario still have no day or schedule.

"This has nothing to do with certainty or what happened this month, hugged by the Cup final. We want to give priority to Superliga," says D & Onofrio. In addition to this confirmation by the head of the Red Band, there is a reality: The weather is too tense between the two layers and there is tension in the rack.

The river will give Superliga all the attention it took in recent months to deal with Libertadores. He will play three games in a row at home. Like taking a shot at Racing, the tournament leader who it takes 17 points. Will it jump with galloping backwards?


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