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Who is Brian Velázquez, the sweeper who saved Gallardo's secret notes for the Boca Superfinals

The book was only released Gallardo Reloaded -written by Diego Borinsky and about the second part of the cinema to the coach for River (the first is the title Gallardo Monumental) – an incredible movie event was revealed: the sweeper who found DT's notes in a junk can within a week after the final with Boca and returned them to his owner just in time.

For those clueless, the anecdote tells us about an theft that suffers dock one night in Palermo, where they broke the car's glass and stole a portfolio that included his passport, a tablet and folders with all the planning and strategy he would use in the duel back in monumental of Super Final of Copa Libertadores. And he has as his hero an unknown street sweeper fan of millionaire who found paper and returned them.

As a good story, it has a second part, and as its own debonair told his page about facts, this time it was Brian Ángel Velázquez do your thing and leave the anonymity.

"I am 30 years old and I have worked in Cliba for seven years, two as senders and five years ago I am in garbage. Here we start working at 11 at night and we go until 6 in the morning, but usually we end earlier. I go to bed 8, when everyone wakes up, because I have two hours to go home in the collective, and I go up to 2 in the afternoon, the work at night is a bit complicated. We have a route of about 10 or 12 blocks. We do cord and tie, that's our job, "began his presentation Chinese, in dialogue with medium chain 3.

Born in Fuerte Apache and raised in the neighborhood of his grandparents – since his mother couldn't take responsibility – Brian has been installed for a few years in José C. Paz, northwest of Buenos Aires, and has a history of shocking lives "My old man was sick of the river, and he died when he went by train monumental. I hung in Belgrano Norte, when you travel when you go to the field, so were the trains when the river was playing and so they continue today: up to the balls and all drinking and smoking. He was not from "The Drunkards & # 39;, but he had his group of people in the neighborhood, as it happens everywhere. He fought for a fight, drove him, fell near the Boulogne station and died. I have memories of when he used to take me to court, so I tell you that with River we have a very large, very deep history.", he confessed to Borinsky, who linked the two ends of this story.

The main actor in this adventure gave exact coordinates for when everything happened: Friday, November 16, 2018 at night, located on Cordoba Avenue. Of course, true to the style of all this fact, its location was the product of a magical opportunity for fate. "My supervisor asked me if I could cover one of the boys who didn't go that night because he was sick. He gave me Avenida Córdoba, from Bulnes to Scalabrini Ortíz. I told him I didn't have any problems", he explained.

"I had also worked as usual, quiet and two blocks before I came to Scalabrini, at Cordoba, I went to empty a trash bin, we have a key to open it, but approaching me I saw some folders of the river. I have the habit of capturing everything that is red and white. Then I grabbed the folders, I saw that they were chubby, that they had paper inside, and I kept them in the car's tank without looking at them. I continued to work, but after a couple of blocks I was curious. I hadn't finished the tour yet, but something made me open them. I left the parking lot, I went to sit at the entrance to a building that had more light and I opened the folders. EI started to see the names of players from the river and Boca, small arrows, edges with formations, bench swaps, numbers spreadsheets … I didn't understand anything. What is this? I asked myself. And among so many papers I found a passport that had a tape and the name Gallardo. I opened it and it was the image of the doll and its data. Did you see when your legs come loose? Yes it was. He told me: this is a dream or is it true? I felt like running, because many things went through my head right now, I thought there were millions of river fans and I had it in my hands. The first thing that crossed me was that it was all tricky, it was a joke, something that Boca fans would hit the street. Is it these days that there was talk of nothing but the final and the feeling that lived on the street was terrible, "described about the crucial moment.

It was so Brian He didn't let the time go over. As soon as he returned from his job, he stayed awake until a decent time to call nuñez club and report what he had found. "The girl must have thought it was a jerk who was fucking, she asked me to leave the phone and I tried to beat my eyes a little, but I couldn't. Half an hour has passed and a partner from Marcelo called me, and he really appreciated the gesture. He asked me how they could pay me and I replied that I just wanted to see my Napoleon, give him a hug, give him back things and take a shirt off the river, "Brian waited for what would be the result.

That Saturday morning he woke up his partner Carla and his son Mateo, 6 years old. He approached a referral sent by the river to which his father-in-law and father-in-law joined him and went to the Ezeiza property where they were waiting for him with open arms. "We will have arrived at 11 in the morning at Ezeiza, we were waiting in the press room and at one point, the security officer said I would just spend with my wife and son. I just wanted to run and hug my Napoleon, I almost eat it, but I put myself, because it must also be uncomfortable for Marcelo. I told him, "You don't give us an idea of ​​what the river fans want you, Gabon, we love you!" I asked him how the folders had come there and he asked me how I had found them. Then I told him quickly about my dad and the only thing I asked him was to win the cup. Between pictures and conversations it will have been 10 minutes, I noticed that it was patronizing, I do not know because of my feelings or because I had found things for him, he thanked me several times "he had a smile

The question put by the book author and the discoverer of this story at the end of his story is "What would have happened if the sweeper was Boca fan and ran out to give the notes to Guillermo Barros Schelotto as if there was the soda formula?"And while there is no concrete answer, so much Velázquez He revealed that the man who had to cover the November night had feelings for it River even if there was someone "Normally, I'm a few categories above, I'm sick".

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