Wednesday , September 28 2022

WhatsApp loses a key figure: how it affects the retirement of its business director – 11/27/2018


The messaging platform, owned by Facebook, fails to lower the bleeding of its senior executives. ONE the new departure to the founders Now he was joined by the business director and the visible head of the company's competitive strategy, Neeraj Arora, who decided to leave the company surprisingly after seven years of work.

To make matters worse, the production coincides with the latest launch of the company's business department, with which WhatsApp has focused a portion of its revenue plan along with the messages in users' states.

"It's time to continue, but I can not be more proud of how WhatsApp continues to" mess "people in many different ways every day, I'm sure WhatsApp continues to be a product of simple, secure and reliable communication under the next I'll take some time to upload myself and spend time with my family, "wrote Neeraj Arora as a boyfriend on her Facebook profile and who also responded to her Twitter account.

Neeraj Arasa's departure does nothing to add a problem to the complicated situation that crosses Facebook, which coincides with some investors who asked Mark Zuckerberg, who currently ignores the company's external criticism and a staff of executive departures that do not do anything other than reducing the confidence that many people have in the social network and its products.

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