Tuesday , August 16 2022

What's new about Barreto: "Vaccines do not cure us, they are part of our death" | Diary of Cuyo


In his concern to indoctrine his audience with the Faith program, the mountains move, Gisela Barretose came into a sensitive issue of public health.

After the previous model, news for his sexual theory was with a glass of water, a video that was viralized where he manifested himself against vaccination. Supported by Dr. Chinda Brandolino, a physician who strived for legal abortion, Barreto said that vaccines "fear" and produce autism.

"You listen to all the vaccines do and you're afraid, the tetanus vaccine, according to the doctor, we can apply it, there is an attack on the children of healthcare officers," he said.

He then said that public policy is part of a plan that "forces children to be vaccinated when voluntary, one should say yes or no according to what they are investigating." The goal of the new world order is eugenics and the vaccine, they want to destroy and control the population, "he said.

As if that were not enough, Barreto also encouraged to describe another negative effect of the vaccines. "They lower our children's intellectual levels, they go directly into the children's brain during the first year of life, vaccines like measles produce autism in children, it is proven," he said.

With an apocalyptic vision, he also said that "we are facing a biological war." "They want to destroy us at all costs, under the cloak of mercy, saying they help us with vaccines and medicines."

I do not want to induce you not to vaccinate but start investigating. The video is on the Internet. It happened to me, I spend at Gruioe and it was the winter that was the sickest. When a sick body, what you ask for is a rest, healthy diet and water. And of course go to the doctor and I will make an isolate.

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