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We tried the cheap version of high-end


When Xiaomi introduced Xiaomi Mi 8, we expected that there would be some version that would complement the more conventional model. And it was. It was called Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition and since then we have also seen it being marketed in Spain as the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro.

We also saw a cheaper variant, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, a device we could analyze but did not see in the west. To our surprise, we saw a variant of that model but under a more conventional name. So we met Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, a terminal with good design and finish but it does not look much like his older brothers except in the name.

Features Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

  • processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 eight cores.
    • 4 x Cortex A73 at 2.2 GHz.
    • 4 x Cortex A53 at 1.8 GHz.
  • RAM memory: 4 GB
  • storage.
  • graphAdreno 512
  • screen.
    • Size: 6.26 inches.
    • Resolution: FHD +.
    • Screen ratio 19: 9.
  • Rear camera.
    • Resolution: 12 Mpx main manager and 5 Mpx secondary.
    • Opening: f / 1.9.
    • Second: LED flash.
  • front Camera
  • connection: 4G / LTE, Dual SIM, Bluetooth 5, WiFi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac …
  • ports:
    • Without 3.5 mm jack.
    • USB Type C connector
    • Fingerprint sensor in the rear.
  • Battery: 3350 mAh.
  • system:
    • Android Version: Android One 8.1 Oreo.
    • MIUI: 10

A design that leaves its mark

One of the main strengths of this mobile is the design. It is a terminal with very straight lines that still does not feel uncomfortable in the hand. The frame is made of metal but has a surface that successfully prevents sliding.

The back piece is completely glass but, like the frame, is not a surface that is prone to slip, which is why we can use it without a fall, even if there is a silicone that fits quite well in the sales package. Obviously, this area is extremely dirty by fingerprints that cling to the glass as if it were their life in it. This is the fingerprint reader, which is fast and accurate, as we expected.

In terms of elements, this is a very common mobile phone with buttons (one-piece volume and the ignition button just below them) on the right side. In the left-hand zone, we only have the dual SIM slot, one of which slits we can use as a place for microSD.

In the upper zone, we only have a microphone and Xiaomi seems to start remove the infrared sensor of some models. In the lower part we have the charging and data plug, USB Type C and the speaker.

Like the rest of the middle class and speakerphone, this Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite both lacks a headphone jack and an FM radio.

Performance and power

Unlike Xiaomi MI 8 SE, we have in this model a much better known processor, Snapdragon 660. It's an older chip, although it works well in most situations, meaning it belongs to the middle class when more is required.

We have proved this especially with demanding games like Honkai, a program that requires a lot of resources and that we have seen how the Snapdragon 845 moves smoothly and without stopping, and here it is slower and with a little frame reduction.

In the same way as it happens in high level games we can say that in normal matches it is not so. Even in the most powerful games it is possible to play and I have not even been tempted to switch to another model when I analyzed this. But of course, you can see that the CPU is not first class.

The same thing happens with RAM, which with 4GB gives us a real experience daily but sometimes we see how it looks like some cards, especially when moving multiple elements and animations in multitasking of MIUI 10.

In the case of internal memory, we have 64 GB that start to be normal, the right amount and we think it will not be needed or use the microSD as we mentioned earlier.

The connection has not given us any problems, and Wi-Fi 5 that is available can connect to speeds more than worthy in a 600 Mbps theoretical network (we have reached 260 Mbps).

the sound is it expected of a middle class mobile but lacks a second speaker in the chin because they have other models. Again, details that we do not expect to be in this category, but which we still want to see.

A regular screen

In Mi 8 Lite Xiaomi has returned to LCD panels and does not bet on AMOLED. This smartphone uses a diagonal off 6.26 inches and a resolution of 2280 x 1080 px, giving a relatively long ratio that does not seem so much for the little chin.

This item can be hidden in the settings, but we can not use the extra space on the pages to see the message icon, an error we hope will be resolved in future software updates.

In the settings for this section, we can turn the screen on when lifting it, something convenient when using face lock. We can also wake up with a double switch, enable read mode and change the contrast and color temperature to suit our taste.

It's a decent screen that looks good and does not have exaggerated exterior reflections, but we are not facing a panel that leaves us with our mouths open. Meets, without more.

Of course, in the aesthetic section it should be noted that is a small size mobile phone and it makes this mobile to advise on a particular user profile.

The camera should have been better

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has chosen a dual-sensor dual-camera configuration with a main volume of 12 Mpx and a secondary 5 Mpx. It is the same configuration as Xiaomi Mi 8 SE has and We think it would be better to choose Xiaomi Mi A2, which defends better, especially at night.

We have done many tests and although we generally have an acceptable camera, we sometimes see how the results can be improved. It shows, and it is estimated that HDR is enabled by default and we can also use artificial intelligence.

Thus, the images do not suffer from a low dynamic range, and we do not have the images with an excessive HDR, as we have seen in some cases.

of night But we see that the quality goes down more than we would like, even considering the price. As we said earlier, the system chosen for Xiaomi Mi A2 seems better, and it's a similar mobile power and price even if there are differences between them.

the front camera, at 24 Mpx it gives us a very correct resolution and quality, and we also have the opportunity to make selfies as a blur, but because it does not have two sensors, the mowing can be improved. Even when we use this system, the background sometimes fires too much, as you can see in some pictures in the upper gallery.

A battery that we like

This model is not one that has more battery inside the Xiaomi catalog but we can not say that it's a problem, even relatively. In our user tests we have seen that it stays quite comfortable on the day of use and if we do not use it too much, as much of the next.

We have played Honkai a lot, a game that requires a lot in this aspect and HearthStone. We have taken pictures, listened to podcasts and use social media. We have reached more than one and a half days of autonomy with a five-hour screen.

If we use less intensive applications, we have reached almost two days of autonomy with a five-hour display, although in this case it is also true that we almost existed in Wifi.

MIUI 10 arrives

While we tested this mobile phone, we have received an update as changed MIUI 9 for MIUI 10. This has completely changed the interface and has improved some important aspects of this part of the mobile device, such as handling messages that we can now interact without opening them.

One of the most striking changes is in that part of multitasking, in addition to the shortcuts in the upper tab of messages.

This update has also included locking face, using the front camera for this is fast but not as safe as models with infrared projection points, such as Xiaomi Mi 8.

But sometimes we have seen that fluidity is not as good as MIUI 9, but it has not been anything dramatic either.


Xiaomi has a very broad terminal catalog. So much so that we sometimes see how their own phones get the competition between them.

Between Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite we could believe that the first one is a better option (and even more expensive) but it is true that it is not officially sold in our country.

The problem is whether to watch this phone or Xiaomi Mi A2. The main difference is in the operating system, but it's not the only one. the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has a better design, both in material and in the reduction of frames, with a smaller size but with a larger screen. We also have a larger battery, but we lose in the rear photographic section, because forward is similar.

If we are looking for a mobile phone with good design, decent performance and low price, we should definitely weigh this Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite as an alternative.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 15.9 cm (6.26)

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 15.9 cm (6.26 inch) 4 GB 64 GB Double SIM Black 4G 3350 mAh – Smartphone (15.9 cm, 2280 x 1080 pixels, 4 GB, 64 GB, 12 MP, Black)

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