Monday , January 17 2022

Volkswagen is committed to launching a car of less than $ 23,000 to challenge Tesla


The German company is committed to competing with Tesla in the electric car segment.

The German company is committed to competing with Tesla in the electric car segment.

Volkswagen starts an electric vehicle to compete with Tesla what does it cost less than 20,000 euros ($ 22 836) and will convert three of their factories in electric car production facilities as part of a comprehensive restructuring, told a source familiar with the case Reuters.

VW is preparing for a volume production of 200,000 units of the electric car known as "MEB entry", while Mediagrasen I.D. Aero will reach 100,000 units, said the source.

The plans will be discussed at a meeting of the board on November 16, when the automaker based in Wolfsburg, Germany, would also discuss extensive alliances with drummer manufacturer SK Innovation and its rival Ford, he added.

The German factories of Volkswagen in Emden, Zwickau and Hanover will produce electric cars as part of the restructuring, said the source.

Volkswagen refused to comment.

Volkswagen and Daimler pay well for diesel gates

Also along with Daimler, VW agreed to spend up to 3,000 euros (3,430 USD) per unit to reduce emissions in diesel cars.

While the minister for transport, Andreas Scheuer, and the car manufacturers executives negotiated an agreement on pollution prevention at a five-hour meeting on Thursday. The court ruled that two other German cities, Cologne and Bonn, should introduce a ban on older diesel-powered vehicles.

Volkswagen and Daimler are prepared to offer hardware interfaces to clean older diesel vehicles at their own expense, Scheuer said after the meeting, adding that BMW He still refuses to do so.

But the three major car manufacturers are committed to spending up to 3,000 euros in various measures, including incentives for changing vehicles for more modernization.

Scheuer He said that everyone is willing to continue with such incentives aimed at convincing customers to buy newer and cleaner vehicles that have lower emissions and are not affected by the use ban.

The government has driven car dealers to take more of the costs of modernizing their vehicles, although Germany's car giants have been reluctant to take on more costs than needed.

"Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW will ensure that their customers can remain mobile," said Scheuer to journalists, urges foreign rivals like Fiat and Peugeot to join in the efforts which, according to him, the German companies had done.

Scandals involving systems to conceal the true levels of polluting emissions from diesel cars have repeatedly hit the German car industry's global reputation in recent years.

While industry leaders met Scheuer, a court in Cologne ordered a ban on driving in parts of the city from April, highlighting the risks for politicians worried about the lack of progress that could lead to more driving bans.

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