Wednesday , December 8 2021

Viviana Saccone, on termination of Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés: "I'm shocked, I cried a lot"


The actress, who worked with the actor on two occasions, spoke of the case at the table by Mirtha Legrand Source: Archive – Credit: Twitter Mirtha Legrand

The denunciation of crimes against Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés was a true cimbronazo. The young woman's testimony, which condemned the actor for sexually abusing her at age 16
on the Ugly Duckling tour
, influenced public opinion and generated an unstoppable movement,
an Argentinian #MeToo composed of voices of other women who were invited to report episodes of harassment and addiction.

Being an inevitable subject,
At the table by Mirtha Legrand the subject and one of the guests were discussed,

Viviana Saccone

, was puzzled before Fardin's resignation. "I'm shocked, shocked, I cried a lot, you can not ignore a girl who was abused, I saw my daughter's walk and I could not help crying, my daughter could be in such a situation and I would not even imagine" Sa saccone

The actress, who worked twice with Darthés (in
Little women 1996, and i
The rich do not ask for permission in 2016), he talked about how he could not imagine such behavior. "I did it
Little women and
The rich … 20 years later, and from one stage to another I noticed that he changed. 25 years ago, I thought he was just a woman, but later I met a respectful man, he said, making a reservation: "I never saw him harassing anyone, but I can not ignore Thelma."

On the other hand,
Saccone referred to the interview Darthés offered Mauro Viale, assuring that Thelma was the one who insinuated for him. "When I heard your testimony, I shocked how a 45-year-old man did not immediately complain at the workplace, and how do you not tell the producer?" The actor asked himself and tried to follow the logic of Darthé's version.

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