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Vicky Xipolitakis: "Police are a disaster" – 12/19/2018


Monday evening Vicky Xipolitakis (32) Desperately called 911: "I want to make a complaint. I'm with a baby and I'm crazy. I want to remove it. "

The media live in a departing department with their partner, Javier Naselli (53). And according to his own words, he was exposed to "verbal violence".

The police arrived at the place after midnight that day, but the Greeks decided not to make any complaints. It is right: Her husband volunteered back from her home.

It was Moria Casán (73), friend of Xipolitakis, as in You are wrong (America, at 17.15) gave details of what happened: "Vicky says that they repeatedly argue and this time because of the food. He wanted to eat and she did not take care of it because she took milk and busy with the child "

"Then He got angry and started to hit the door and shouted loudly. The worst thing was when he took the child out of the crib and threatened to take him away. There she exploded and locked in another room with the child, "she added.

Then, following the controversial statements by Casan, the Ukrainian designer who made the dress to the media for baby shower by Salvador Uriel, who has just been born. And he gave scandalous details.

Xipolitakis with Moria, her close friend, and Naselli, her husband. (Movilpress)

Xipolitakis with Moria, her close friend, and Naselli, her husband. (Movilpress)

"He was next to himself, very violent. We thought I would get her out of the car's hair. For a man of this age, it seemed very strange to me how violent he was, "he said. Chismoses (Net TV, 4.30pm), referring to an episode of violence before Monday.

So things, the one who needed to talk was Xipolitakis, who during the first 24 hours was silent but decided to break it in dialogue with bugle. "I will rest, the child fell asleep., wrote by WhatsApp, after 2 on Wednesday.

"Tomorrow early (on Thursday) we go to the pediatrician. Yes, the first week of life! "He admitted and condemned:" I prefer not to talk about anything for my baby. "

And it was just heading to the clinic that Vicky was intercepted by the press: "I'm fine All I want to say is that the police are a disaster. They are intimate things, so I decided not to make a complaint or leave anything (decidedly). It was just a request for help at that time, "he said.

And she continued, furious with the policemen: "There were a couple, what I felt was to call them. Filtering the sounds seemed a total lack of respect when they knew you did not want to know anything. I found out in the morning when I woke up (they had leaked the sound). I can not trust more, they do not give me security. "

Finally, without the encouragement of giving more statements, he said his relationship with Naselli is over. "There are things that have no way back"he confirmed. And closed: "I hope everything is loose by the child. I do not feel in danger, but right now I need peace and happiness. "

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