Monday , January 17 2022

Until 12 November, property tax can be paid at a discount


As reported from ARBA, until the next Monday, November 12, the fourth and last part of the year Rural Real Estate Tax can be interrupted with a discount that the company provides for compliance with its taxes and payments in its entirety.

In this context, the Congregation Office of the Province of Buenos Aires offers a 15% bonus to pay the tax burden before 12. This benefit can be added another 5% if the taxpayer is linked to the automatic debit system.

It was also announced that the same day 12 expires the 2nd and final part of the sports tax tax, with an advantage of 5% if taxpayers are current with ARBA and 10% more for those who chose the automatic debit.

For its part, next Monday, the term also expires to pay the final period of the year for the additional property tax. Taxpayers who are in good condition with the Treasury and pay on a regular basis will receive a bonus of 5%.

In order to meet its tax obligations, taxpayers in the province can make it digitally from the agency's website,, by credit card. even through the home bank or by ATM after receiving the code for electronic payment. Also via mobile phone or tablet with iOS and Android systems, via the "ARBA Mobile App" application, downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

For those interested, you can also use ARBA POINT, located in different parts of Buenos Aires, to pay with a credit or debit card with wireless payment terminals. all branches of Banco Provincia and the authorized dependents of Banco Nación. In so much, payment processing is possible for the effect available from the company Provincia Net Payments.

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