Twitter gave its word and has fulfilled it. The Jack Dorsey Social Network announced in September that they were working on a new tool to simplify the use of those who would like to see Tweets in your timeline chronologically and not ordered by an algorithm based on its relevance. Today, this feature is finally a reality.

Here is how the platform communicated, which welcomes a new icon in the upper part of the program – Coming soon to the desktop version – in the form of stars or sparks, which will serve to access the option in question. Users can now choose directly, therefore, read tweets of those following the order in which they are published.

A tool with "trap"

In order to take advantage of the new feature, just click on the said new icon and select Change the display of the publication's order in the Download drop down tab as shown in the lower part. The action can be done manually at any time, but – and here's the little trick in the social network – it will also do it automatically when an unspecified time has elapsed. With this, the platform ensures that chronological mode is not enabled by default and induces the use of the algorithm, as they have expressed on several occasions, helps to encourage interaction.

Where it is, there is finally an option that with only two hands comes back the desired one timeline chronologically after two years of absence. The comedy featureToday to be distributed globally for iOS users, have to wait for Android and desktop version until next month to see the new button that provides access to the tool. After that, the question is obvious: Will the next step in the social network allow us to edit tweets?