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"This blood will flow", the warning in the Narco plot that shakes Puerto Madryn – 12/19/2018


Héctor López was 27 years old and his disappearance was the one who triggered a series of deaths in drug trafficking shaking the city of Puerto Madryn. I lived in the southern part of town, the one of neighbors with better financial conditions, and I dated a 23 year old girl. He was a lover of speed carss and for that reason he used to buy a little and "sue them" and then caught in a street hurdle.

His latest acquisition was a Volkswagen Vento, which he conditioned with finesse. He put the "nitro system" (for high speed cars) and also alloy wheels. He came to run sometimes, but always secretly. It was about using "high-end" mobile phones. At least he always had two.

According to information that he could confirm bugle, some of their direct relatives also have a history of drug trafficking in the Federal Court of Chubut.

Federico Lomeña (31), on the left, with Héctor

Federico Lomeña (31), along with Héctor "Pato" López (27), murdered by narcos in Puerto Madryn.

"This is mafia," says Hector Lopez's mother, Maria Donato Costa, who was initially responsible for the search for her son. "Lawyers do not want me to take this reason because they're afraid," he said.

"Here's blood going to run, I know I'll pop up with a shot in my head anytime, but I will not shut up, and I will do justice, for my son, for the girls who are locked in the brothels, for (the missing boy) Gastón León and for all we go through, "said the woman.

In courtroom environments, the version runs for which these deaths depend on what is criminal jargon called a "Mexican woman". It is someone was left with something that did not belong to. And then blood and death began to flow.

Lopez was found Monday without hands and other humiliations. The next day, the body of Federico Lomeña (31) appeared in Playa Parana, wrapped in a bag. The first results of the autopsy say he had at least seven staff ulcers. They were both friends.

The body of Federico Lomenia (31) was found buried and covered with bags in the Playa Parana area, Puerto Madryn.

The body of Federico Lomenia (31) was found buried and covered with bags in the Playa Parana area, Puerto Madryn.

To these deaths must be added to other data that also gives the chills: days before the appearance of the body Lopez hung his friend Nicolás Cerrudo, 20, himself. And left a disturbing message: "This happens by playing with fire"He had some injuries to the genitals and his hands.

Now they are looking for another young man who has missed since May Gastón León, 30, who knew himself with López and could have fallen in this bloody plot that shakes this city in the southern part of the country.

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