Monday , December 6 2021

They run Eurnekians house by order of Bonadio


The federal police struck a house owned by businessman Eduardo Eurnekian on Wednesday, demanded by Judge Claudio Bonadio in connection with the case investigating "the notebooks of corruption".

Sources of the investigation revealed to the portal that the procedure is carried out with the support of security forces in a department on Avenida del Libertador, near Retiro.

Eurnekian joins the list of entrepreneurs achieved by the investigation of the cause of laptops by Oscar Centeno, Baratta driver. At the end of November, Paolo Rocca, CEO of Techint, had been charged, because the judge considered the payment of bribes to "unlock" the payment of compensation by Hugo Chávez's government to expel the Pages Company in Venezuela.

The La Nación newspaper recalled that Eurnekian had been called to give an investigative statement by Bonadio in the section investigating the alleged payment of bribes from road users to Kirchner officials. Eurnekian is investigated by road corridor number 4 with responsibility for Corporación América and at road 8 on its Pilar a Pergamino section.


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