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They returned to Earth after a six-month mission at the International Space Station

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 9:37 PM

American astronaut Anne McClain, Canadian David Saint-Jacques and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko returned to Earth on Tuesday after a mission of more than six months aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

McClain, Kononenko and Saint-Jacques (who broke the record of time spent in space by a Canadian) made landfalls in the barracks of Kazakhstan at 2.47 GMT.

His resignation for the orbital station, on December 3, had developed with some concern, as the accident lived in mid-October by Russian Alexei Ovchinin and American Nick The Hague was still very present. At that time, his Soyuz spacecraft exploded two minutes after its launch and they had to make an emergency landing. The two men became undamaged but the incident was a big blow to Russia's space industry.

Before being released into space, the trio was optimistic and the tone did not change during their stay at the ISS, one of the latest examples of active cooperation between Russia and the West.

"A magnificent night on Africa on my last night at the ISS," tweeted Anne McClain, 40, who made two space trips during this first mission.

His colleague David Saint-Jacques, 49, was able to marvel at one last time with the space view of Canada before returning to earth. "British Columbia, Nunavik … I will miss the vision of these great Canadian landscapes!", The Canadian Space Agency astronaut (ASC) tweeted.

David Saint-Jacques, who also performed his first mission in the ISS, beat the record of time spent in space by a Canadian with a 204-day stay compared to 187 as his compatriots Robert Thirsk had.

Accumulation of records

Alexe Ovchinin and Americans Nick Haag and Christina Koch joined the trio in March. The latter had planned to spend nearly 11 months at the station and beat the record for a woman's longest space stop, NASA said in April.

The current record is held by another American astronaut, Peggy Whitson, who spent 288 days in the ISS between 2016 and 2017.

But it is the Russians who dominate if we consider the sum of days spent in zero gravity. Oleg Kononenko collects 737 days in circulation in four missions and with 55 years is commissioned to beat the absolute record of his compatriots Guenadi Padalka, 879 days.

Russia is since 2011 the only country that can send crew to the ISS, which runs around the earth in about 90 minutes. But the accident in October, the scandals of corruption in the heart of the space agency Roscosmos and the competition from the SpaceX company, Elon Musk, risked the future of this exclusivity.

In early June, NASA said it will organize tourists on board the ISS for the first time, run by Boeing and SpaceX. The estimated price for a 30-day stay is $ 58 million per passenger.

Russia already sent seven tourists to the station and plans to resume these expeditions in 2021, according to Roscosmos. At the beginning of the year, an agreement was signed in this regard between Roscosmos and the American company Space Adventures.

The next launch of the ISS is scheduled for July 20 to take an American, a Russian, and an Italian to the orbital station.

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