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They remove the pressure at the price of naphtha and accumulate at the end of the year | chronicle

of Francisco Nutti
Journalistic production Florence Golender

Containing awards is the central challenge for the government in terms of elections and this week was postponed once again to the emergence of a tax on liquid fuels to avoid significant jumps in the paintings at the gas stations. It must be 11.8% and there was agreement on 3.9%, which in July will have a small impact on the final value of gasoline and diesel. The decision would push the sector but after October, the adjustment would be remarkable and specialists claim that it could reach $ 50 a liter super today is about $ 42.

"They go on everything: the dollar, gas prices, electricity, they are obviously deferred, and with gasoline it is not the exception, this increase is unclear because we know that they will eventually adjust more" he insured chronicle, Juan Francisco Fern√°ndez, industrial engineer and researcher at the Observatory for Energy, Technology and Infrastructure for Development (Oetec).

"If the government continues, it is possible that after the agreement with the voting box, the super-small will pass the $ 50", the specialist calculated when asked if the tax launch made this week by Rosada. The fee is updated on a quarterly basis and again the rise is rising.

"I believe that at the moment the increase will continue to fall, everything will happen so that the increase is less than the oil companies are asking for", he added and indicated that "Historic naphtha super round in this country is the value of a dollar, but now it has it below what the price is behind".

"This government never wanted to lower inflation," Fernandez says. "Therefore, the tariffs and fuels have risen so much, it is a basic input for the business of the economy that makes logistics, transportation and production of goods and services more expensive. She predicted.

Currently, in the city of Buenos Aires, YPF's Infinia naphtha costs $ 48.47 per liter, super gasoline costs $ 42.01, diesel $ 39.65, and Infinia $ 4.40.

The tax delayed this week for later ended with an increase of 3.9%, as the adjustment should have been 11.8%. For that reduction, the tax will go from 6.13 pesos to 6.37 per liter of diesel (it should have gone to 6.85) and from 9.94 pesos to 10.33 per liter of naphtha (it should have gone up to 11 , 11).

In this context, Fernandez said that if a sudden increase in fuel is applied, it could lead to losses in many industries and trade. "This country has large geographical areas which in several cases must be covered logically by train and cannot do so, then the truck changes trains at long distances, so with the rise of fuel that is expensive in the gondola in someone This would make demand fall Too small and medium-sized companies, it would also adversely affect them, any variation in fuel always affects them, the more abrupt it is, the worse. "

For their part Carlos Gold, chairman of CECHA (Association for Hydrocarbons and Related Trading Units), assigned this medium to it "The service station sector is currently undergoing a sales reduction process that has been going on for nine months, which has a direct impact on profitability." Despite the increases recorded during this period, the decrease in sales contracted against the recompense of profitability ", he finished.

In order to support retail consumption, Rosada has taken a number of decisions aimed at limiting price increases. So, in addition to postponing the increase in fuel on Friday, before they postponed the increase in gas bills and resumed the plan Now 12. What will happen after the election is currently no more than a forecast.

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