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They are investigating whether a police killed his boyfriend and committed suicide in Santa Rosa


The place the mother of Angel Julio Alaniz Montenegro found when she got into the kiosk that she had in Santa Rosa was huge. His son lay dead on the floor and hurt. His girlfriend was in the same house and she was also dead. Investigators believe that the woman, a police assistant, shot her partner and took her own life.

The case shocked the entire province east last afternoon. At 13.30, the murdered teenage mother arrived at the house located at Calle Alejo Mallea at 80, near 29th Octubre Street in Santa Rosa, in an area won by low-rise buildings and vineyards.

Alaniz was 28 years old and was an aspiring cadet at the University of Public Security (IUSP). His girlfriend was the assistant Jimena Belén Rosales Giménez (25), the one who He served the police in San Martin, according to the Ministry of Security.

The young man had a kiosk that worked in the same house where the bodies were found. According to the first information, and according to the strongest hypothesis that the research has, Rosales shot twice Alaniz and killed him. Sources linked to the cause indicated Andes that the boy had a shot injury in the abdomen and another in his head.

Everything indicates that the helper took his weapon after committing the crime, took it in his head and shot himself and took his life straight away. The uniformed had left the guard that morning hours before the facts.

Jealousy like mobile

One of the survey lines handled is the possibility of a passion drama as a motive for crime. As it emerged, Rosales discovered that Alaniz had intentions or had met again with an ex-girlfriend. This would have justified a discussion that ended in the worst way. "It was regardless of the help," said a source who preferred anonymity.

The parties' fights and arguments were frequent between both, according to the indicated close friends. They used to make fights publicly.

The work of the scientific police experts determines the mechanics of events and confirms whether it was a murder followed by suicide, as reported by the Ministry of Security. The inquiry was in the hands of the prosecutor Mariana Cahiza.

Son and grandson of troops

Ángel Julio Alaniz was the son of an infantry treasurer and grandson of a senior citizen. The 28-year-old tried to follow in his father's and his brother's footsteps so he entered the IUSP.

Apparently he met Rosales when both studied. Someone remembered having seen discussions between the two in the classrooms.

But Alaniz never got to graduate. When it became clear, the young man was released almost at the end of the course at the police school.


Ángel Julio Alaniz 28 years old. Candidate at IUSP. The victim had a kiosk in the house where he was found dead.

Jimena Belén Rosales 25 years old. Helpers working on Police Road. The 25-year-old girl had left the guard hours before the event.

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