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The young woman who condemned a senator K now pointed to a national alternate


Stephani Calo said a lawyer from La Campora asked her for sexual benefits in exchange for permission to open a basic unit. I had already pointed out Jorge "El Loco" Romero for trying to abuse

The young woman who condemned a senator K now pointed to a national alternate

Senator Jorge Romero, Center for the Scandal of the Provincial Policy / Archives

The allegations of sexual assault are widespread in Buenos Aires policy. The young militant Kirchner, who had pointed to a provincial senator from La Campora, now said that a national alternate for that organization asked him for sexual benefits as a condition for giving her permission to open a basic unit.

"He came to say" for me to give you a basic unit you have to suck on … It's someone you and I pay your salary with our taxes. Pretty Kilombero. He is the first to cry when they throw pepper gas, the first to cancel oppression, but we forget the pips, says former militant Stephani Calo, who shows the clue to her new victim's identity.

Calo confirmed that in January 2017, when she left a dance venue, the girl and two other friends met the provincial senator Jorge "El Loco" Romero met with them to have some beer at a friend's house and after a few hours Romero locked her in the kitchen in the house and after removing her pants, she tried to force her to perform oral sex, which she refused.

The militant also mentioned the name of the person responsible for La Cámpora, who told her about the abuse she had suffered from Romero: she said it was Miguel Ángel Despo who was responsible for the logistics area of ​​the Kirchner organization.

Against the background of the complaint, the senator said he declined his "political responsibility" pending what the political group to which he belonged. However, he did not formalize a resignation to his bank, yesterday confirmed sources to the Buenosaire senate.

"I am a man raised in a patriarchal society. I am also a political activist with responsibility. From that point and in view of the visibility work that my colleagues in the organization have done, I can see that I previously had sexistic methods that at that time seemed be natural, "acknowledged Romero on his Twitter.

The lawyer announced in the network that "that is why I have decided to deviate from my political responsibility to submit to the processes determined by the application of the Protocol" (see separate).

Romero is a Field Manager for Florencio Varela, who answers the National Vice Andrew's "Cuervo" Larroque. For years he was responsible for monitoring the administration of funds by La Cámpora legislators in the province.


The young woman stressed that she had not made the complaint public before it was due to fear. El Loco, to many who wanted to chamull, told them, "I played a ball with Néstor Kirchner, I'm a friend of Máximo," he said. "It's always rumored that they're heavy that you can not engage.

Calo said that the abuse occurred in 2017 during a trip between the militants of the Kirchner organization. "An interior manager asked me to eat because other guys had come and if I wanted me to take some friends. I said yes, I knew him and he inspired myself," he said.

He added: "We went to eat at a bar in Palermo, from which we decided to dance. In the middle of the road we passed by Loco Romero. We went to dance and one of them said we should go to the house to be calmer ".

Already in the Caballito department, Calo said he had sex with one of the boys and when he was done he decided to stay because one of his friends was still in a room with another militant. It was then that Romero charged her.

"He told me" now you'll have oral sex with me with him and with him "was the words of Buenos Aires senator, after which he locked her in the kitchen and took in the other young people." The first moves me and I said to him that I did not feel like it. The boy did not respect me, he said.

"When I go out, Loco Romero takes me, puts me in the bathroom, locks the door, pulls my pants down and in a more guaranga way he said I wanted to make oral sex. I said no and I opened the door, said Calo, who finally fled.


If Senator Romero ceases to terminate his bank, he must be replaced by the first substitute to the list corresponding to the 2015 election. This is a well-known former official at the time of Duhaldismo: Graciela Giannettasio.

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