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The unusual anecdote from Cande Ruggeri with a boyfriend who had not introduced him to his family: “My dad came with the hairdresser!”


Cande Ruggeri told an unusual story with his father and a boyfriend who had not been introduced to his family (Video: “PH, We Can Talk” – Telefe)

This is not the first time Cande Ruggeri tell a story connected to how difficult it has been throughout his life to present a partner to his father, Oscar Ruggeri. But that does not mean they stop attracting attention, not even for all the guests last Saturday PH, we can talk, which were incredible when they heard the anecdote that the influencer told about.

Cande revealed that she never had the keys to the family home, not even when she lived with her parents, because when Oscar came home late from the dance, he wanted to open the door for her himself … integrity, but was wrong. According to his account at one point he was in his apartment with a young man he had not yet introduced to his family, when he heard the doorbell.

He appeared more than once in my apartment, many times in surprise. He falls without warning: because he does not use his cell phone, does not answer or WhatsApp he falls. In: ‘I will cut my hair’. I swear to you, sometimes he comes to see if everything is clean, to see how I live … “, Cande revealed. Andy Kusnetzoff, host of the Telefe bike, his eyes widened, could not believe what he heard.

But that was not all. Cande is currently in a relationship with Nicolás Maccari, a young entrepreneur connected to the sports world and grandson of the remembered actor Enzo Children One, who played father to Carlin Calvo in Friends are friends. The occasion that influencer chose to present it to the family was neither more nor less than Christmas Eve 2018. On her visit to PH, we can talk revealed how it was the unusual reception that Oscar commanded.

Cande Ruggeri told how her family received their current boyfriend (Video: “PH, We Can Talk” – Telefe)

“I told everyone to ‘behave themselves’ because they’re all crazy. I was Galindez also … dad had things left over Billiards, who cut his sharp nails to puncture the players … Then my boyfriend rings the bell, I’m going to open “hello, love, how good you came”. I go to the garden, where everyone was, and my dad had put the whole family in two rows, like football players do, and he said, ‘Well, come here.’ He had to go through the middle of the two rows and everyone hit him, welcome guyShe revealed, laughing, but a little embarrassed.

On the other hand, far from humor, Cande became much more serious during his visit to the Andy Kusnetzoff program and dedicated some emotional words to his father, who is deeply hurt by the death of one of his great friends. Diego Maradona. “Dad lived the best football moments with him, his best memories are next to him, embraced with the cup … Memories from my mother too Claudia (Villafañe). They are memories for life … Later, due to life problems, they moved away a bit, “he said.

And he added: “He also hit me hard though I tried to be strong for Dad because I saw him downstairs. On our side, as children, we said “we must take it forward and encourage it”. We were strong for him ”.

Cande and Oscar Ruggeri
Cande and Oscar Ruggeri

He later dedicated a special message to his parents. She was very excited and said: “I want to thank my mother for playing Dad when Dad was away. And my dad, who is not feeling well for his friend, Diego, recently had to come with me to a very important decision for me and I thought he would not come because he was very down, but he followed me anyway. So it’s the dad I love And I will love them all my life I love them”.


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