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The unexpected gesture that Rocío Oliva received from Verónica Ojeda: “Diego should have said goodbye in the wake”


The unexpected gesture that Rocío Oliva received from Verónica Ojeda

In the midst of strong family disputes, cross-charges, lawsuits and others threatening to start, Diego Armando Maradona still not resting in peace. Now was the one who wrote a new chapter in this endless story Rocío Oliva, as after threatening the phrase “The day I speak …” and reveal the messages you exchanged with Claudia Villafañe During Maradona’s wake, he received a gesture of surprise from one of his historical “enemies,” Verónica Ojeda.

IN True secrets, Interviewed by Luis Ventura Rocío Oliva. In the middle of the dialogue, where the panelist from Controversy in the bar She went through her love story with Diego Maradona and talked about the pain she is going through due to his death, the driver surprised her by an unexpected display of support that Dieguito Fernando’s mother gave him.

“During the week, I talked to Verónica. He told me ‘If you see her, send her my solidarity because I think she should have said goodbye to Diego in the wake, I know they did not let her go and if I could have done something, if we had communicated in any way and could have activated it, I would have done it, says the journalist.

“I think it’s a nice message and if you are looking for it I appreciate it. That was what had to happen. When there were fights, everyone responsible for being Diego alive was one thing. But with a Diego in a box there, they have to put everything aside, says Rocío Oliva, surprised by the attitude of Ojeda with whom she has previously had strong media crossings.

“We were never friends with Verónica. That’s how her sisters thought and many, like her, thought I had to go in to say goodbye to Diego, “said Maradona’s last partner, who also lamented an unpleasant comment he made about Dieguito Fernando, Verónica’s son, years. “It was very stupid and I regret it”, slipped.

“It seems like a nice message to me and if you look, I appreciate it. That was what had to happen … “was Rocío Oliva’s reaction to Verónica Ojeda’s message

On Friday, Rocío Oliva in dialogue with Luis Novaresio in Homeless animals, for America, football player Bella Vista recreated what it was like that morning, Thursday, November 26, when Casa Rosada (according to Rocío, Maradona “would also have liked to be on the Boca track”) received Pelusa’s coffin to say goodbye to the most intimate, the closest . And she understood that it should be. It did not succeed.

On the night of Wednesday the 25th, almost 12 hours after the death that continues to move all over Argentina, Rocío returned home after taking to the air in Polémica en el Bar. She planned to go to bed “quietly” and the next day participate in the wake. But his mother warned him to close the box at 6 in the morning. Time pressed on her. “A kind of desperation gripped me. I wanted to see him with the box open so that I could kiss him and say goodbye ”. And then he said to his mother, “Let’s go now!” He bathed for a moment, changed and took his car to go to the Government House.

“I feel that it was also a wish from him to see me,” says Rocío. That’s what makes me say, ‘Oh, I wanted to say goodbye.’ It’s hard, but I feel, Rocío, there’s nothing to do with it, until I say, ‘La Flaca has not come yet,’ I do not know if she will be able to rest in peace. But he also leaves me calm that from wherever he is, he knows I got there that day ”.


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