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The time spent on spaceflight driven by sunlight began

At 2:30 in the morning in Florida SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon Heavy rocket with a very special cargo, the LightSail 2 probe, a spacecraft powered by a sun sail.

The rocket that has three engines, which is the most powerful spacecraft, has arisen without problems from the Cape Canaveral space center and only 3 minutes later they separated so that two of them managed to return to Earth, while the third and central, who had to land on the barge "Of course I still love you", exploding near the platform crashed.

It is a very special assignment that will finally test the theory that photos can be used to drive objects, like in this case, a probe. In 2010, the Japanese probe IKAROS already demonstrated this theory, but now Planet Sagan founded by Carl Sagan has launched LightSail 2 with a much larger light that will give answers to how this technology can be used to travel through space.

The theory is that the sun seals allow to navigate through space for very long assignments without having to use fuel, powered by photons released by the sun, which allows us to explore the galaxy.

The sun seals are made of plastic, especially polyethylene terephthalate, a material used in fabrics, fabric fabrics and reflective fabrics.

It is so easy that a light like LightSail 2, 32 square meters, fits into a small satellite and then goes into what is the size of a box ring.

The photons released by the sun transmit some of their kinetic energy to this probe, which remains static in space. With its light but constant propulsion, unlimited energy is obtained for a satellite that can explore the cosmos as much as its antennas and circuits allow.

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