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The struggle between Pichetto and Mayans left justice on the verge of breaking


The discussion, to cry and the chair between, between Miguel Pichetto and formos Jos Mayans, confirmed the fracture in the justicialista block that could arise with a breakdown and even an interblock with Cristina Kirchner and provincial forces in 2019.

That's what the Mayans talked to several of his comrades who visited him at his office, shortly before they went to the budget commission to abandon Pichetto for meeting Rogelio Frigerio to negotiate the budget map in the Senate.

Formoseo assures that the original plan for the neighborhood and governors was to reject DNU, which annulles the Federal Sojero Fund, a 100 billion billboard to distribute in the provinces, in the same session called to sanction the budget.

The Soy Fund and the renewal of the Magistrates Council show the fractures of justice and the dynamics of Kirchnerism and provincial parties.

They would communicate to Pichetto when they met at Casa de Tucumn while lawsuits were discussed in alternates, but they never got the phone.

When they visited him at his office the following Tuesday, he had already spent the day announcing that the budget will be in record time and with nothing in return. They accused him in hard terms.

The only governors who did not join the rebel watch were Juan Manuel Urtubey (Salta), Gustavo Bordet (Blossom), Juan Schiaretti (Crdoba) and Sergio Uac (San Juan), the latter being always equal.

Mayan is the right hand of Gildo Insfrn, Governor of Formosa, who faces the government and near Cristina Kirchner. He was the one who after several visits to his office convinced him to accept the raid on his property in August after two failed attempts by Cambiemos, his allies and only 7 of the 24 senators led by Pichetto.

That debate opened wounds between the justicians who never closed and a dialogue with Cristina's soldiers with several of his ex-companions, as in recent days, accelerated with common goals in the immediate future.

One is to approve the refund of the Soy Fund, which can only be returned if alternates also get their hands, but serve to regulate the government endlessly.

To avoid being in that situation, Pinedo plans to call a special session that does not contain that topic and can only counter it if they call another session, same day and different hours. Be a debate this Wednesday.

And the second plan is to gather a majority that guarantees two seats in the Magistrates Council, a trial as well it plays in the neighboring chamber.

Formosaos will be followed by Pampeanos Norma Durango and Daniel Lovera and Tucumano's Beatriz Mirkin and Jos Alperovich. He no longer listen to Pichetto, he attests them Ins Blas, near Lucia Corpacci; and the cube Mario Pas cures his speech to the government and knows that his boss does not return to promote it for the magistrate.

Fueguinos Jos Ojeda and Julio Cataln Magni were loyal to Río Negro until he asked them to activate the raid on Cristina and left their links. His governor, Rosana Bertone, as this Monday was with the head of the block in his office and witness Frigerio, said in an interview with LPO saying that he does not want two peronist fronts to compete against Macri.

Only then will he be able to consolidate his alliance with La Cmpora in his province and every congressional movement will briefly convey a message to the long election year that comes.

The Senate gave an opinion to the budget, but the fight against the Soy Fund continues

Lojala against Pichetto are Cordobs Carlos Caserio, Saltado Rodolfo Urtubey, Catamarqueo Dalmacio Mera, Correntino Carlos Espnola (although some people question him), Chaqueo Eduardo Aguilar; and they are usually followed by entrerrianos Pedro Guastavino and Sigrid Kunath.

Omar Perotti, Alfredo Luenzo and Guillermo Snopek would go to my summits, but they no longer pay more. And Sanjauninos Jos Uac and Cristina Valverde, as their boss, do not talk about Cristina but they do not support their raid and raise the discussion at the Peronist unit.

The second button in play is the provincial blocks, and Cristina is already coordinating his agenda with the two puntanos, Adolfo Rodrguez Sa and Mara Eugenia Catalfamo. The civil front in Santiago del Estero has 2 senators and one permanent ally and Pichetto and Mayans are contested in the poroteo that began to stay with two armchairs of the magistrate, a battle that serves to scan the Senate's possible home cycle by 2019. One year where nothing can be the same.

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