Friday , October 7 2022

The spectacular first image of Space Space InSight on Mars


Finally, it InSight probe of NASA landed softly March after six months of travel and more than 200 million kilometers, from what time he continued to send pictures on the deserted red planet from his landing site in Elysium Planitia.

InSight has already used its two slanted sun rays, with more than two meters in each, which are responsible for feeding energy to the probe. Its task is to provide information on how rocky planets like Mars develop and how they evolved over time. It is equipped with various instruments including a seismometer, a heat sensor and a radio wave equipment.

According to the NASA statement, InSight will begin collecting data during its first working week, although they are currently working to enable and calibrate all their systems. One of the first tasks on the list is to distribute a 1.8-meter-long robot arm that would take pictures of the Mars landscape and be ready for a few days, described experts.

Many of your experiments will take time, as NASA needs extensive data to determine where to install the seismometer and where to bury the heat sensor. and they may have to wait even longer to detect any seismic activity. The goal is to build a three-dimensional map of the planet, so that "we can understand inside Mars as well as we have become famous," says Bruce Banerdt, the project's senior researcher at JPL.

InSight is equipped with a French Conceptismometer, SIX, which must be placed directly on the Martian floor and listen to its most minimal vibrations: meteor shock waves, earth movements, rocky strata crunches, even deep magma movements. .

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