Friday , December 3 2021

The royal theater already holds the drums in the Christmas drawing


The extraordinary jumble drums have arrived this Friday at the Teatro Real, where they will rest until the 22nd, when all of Spain will be expected to wait for the coveted Gordo, on a day that marks the kick-off on Christmas weekend. At about nine in the morning, two trucks and a dozen workers have been responsible for downloading and going to the stage for those who will be protagonists at the time of drawing, the drums and balls that will be used to allocate 2,380 million euros in prices.



As if it were a football team four drums, the two starters and the two substitutes that in the event of a technical problem they would be responsible for leaving the field, but throughout the history of this interest, the substitutes did not leave the bench. "I play wood because they do not currently need to be used, and they are over 200 years old," said vice president of material resources of State Betting and Lotteries, Eduardo Ovies, who is responsible for monitoring the arrival of the drum.

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The red brass drums made in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz) are made of copper, lead and tin alloys, and have been faced with the watchful eyes of the journalists and the television camera as real movie stars. Rita has two drums, the big one measuring 2.80 meters and weighs 800 kilos, will be responsible for taking out winning numbers and the small one that will contain the prices, It measures 70 centimeters and weighs about 400 kilos.

Around twelve drums (one of the prizes and one digit), the container (it's a transparent container in the form of funnel that transfers the balls to the drum) and the lirasen (the exhibitor where they put the balls before the draw) have dropped sixteen feet to the floor minus six . There they will be monitored with strict security measures and the relevant tests will be carried out during the operation of the engines.

The Royal Theater has been the drummer's Christmas home for six consecutive years a few days after the celebration of the drawing, but this will not prevent it from continuing its usual work and work that Turandot will continue to represent while the material for drawing is under the stage until the day 21 that they will realize the final test together with San Ildefonso's children.

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The balls responsible for distributing millions, made of boxwood from Galicia, weigh exactly three grams and measure 18 millimeters, and they are always the same, but every year, some balls that suffer from friction have been replaced. "We are talking about a very small percentage, we have just needed replace 200 balls of 100,000"In terms of sales, the feeling is positive and very similar to last year, although we still do not have all the information to determine the numbers directly," Ovies explained.

This year, the lottery has a big news for the Spanish pockets because the lucky ones who receive the smallest amounts will not be forced to pay taxes. "We have gone from EUR 2500 to EUR 10,000, the amount that is exempt from paying taxes ", Ovies has stated. All that remains is to wait for the date specified there, a year later, the Royal Theater will dress to welcome the public and "share happiness". And the voice of San Ildefonso's children will be responsible for the joy of happy Spanish homes.

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