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The river adds excitement to Superfinal and Conmebol decides today to play – 11/11/2018


It's raining And he does not want to stop.

Yes, almost in accordance with the abandonment of the rostrum. And it's already a biblical flood. However, we are facing the end of the world, as the marketing word says, and you have to play. Then the fans arrive barefoot, sprinkle, soothe with passion. From 6 in the morning, paddles and snakes fall. Nothing matters if they meet the Boca River. But the water flows and a stream of questions.

What is playing is not playing. Boca does not leave the intercontinental hotel. The river leaves Cardales towards Monumental, its previous scale. But neither does he abandon the concentration. People begin to fill La Bombonera. They sing no reason. Is it playing? It's not playing. After several hours of scrubbing, and almost simultaneously with a judge who barely rolls the ball on the watercourse lawn, Daniel Angelici says tersely: "Suspended." A spokesman for Conmebol contributes: "It will be played tomorrow at 16". But it is the same blue and gold president who says, "If time allows …". The first Superclásico Cup is played this Sunday as long as it does not rain again with the same intensity as Saturday. Weather forecast, in that sense, is not encouraging.

So? Is it playing today? Or Saturday the 17th? "We will have a meeting with AFA and Conmebol's presidents. You must always think first of the people, how to travel, how to get there. And in the show: the integrity of the players … I was surprised by everything that rained. does not want people to come and have to go, Angelici says when the game is to be played. After a while, the scenario changes. There will be no conclavation. At 11 o'clock, Conmebol will announce its official decision: play at 16 o post a week . All indicating that the mode for playing it will be introduced on Saturday 17 … with an excellent schedule for Europe.

Today, it continues to pour rain. From that point of view, no one could ask for a new change of day and schedule. And the FIFA date? Even from Zurich does not look good-looking that there is a definition of Copa Libertadores when a double day of friendly is planned, the South American elections made an exception and did not cite players from Boca and River.

There is a detail that is not smaller. After several dimes and direts, Superliga confirmed the programming of Sunday games in the province of Buenos Aires and maintained schedules. Much despite Angelici saying that the date would be canceled. A sign that Libertadore's classics, regardless of weather conditions, can be postponed again and there would be no screen overlap.

Boca does not want to know anything about this situation. He does not agree that the hand-to-hand against his bowler will be postponed for a week because the river could restore Leonardo Poncio and Ignacio Scocco, both beaten. "We want to play on Sunday or by Tuesday or Wednesday," said Cristian Gribaudo, Secretary General Xeneize. In the river, they relativize this situation. "We'll wait for what Conmebol decides. If you play on Sunday we have no problems," said Udaondo and Figueroa Alcorta, and they gave five rolls as Boca workers used to try to smooth the playing field and absorb the water in a container. "If we Did not want to play, why would we borrow him material to help with the drainage? ", Allow them from Núñez.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto swept speculation when asked about the advantage that would be for the river to have his captain Ponzio and a spicy forward like Scocco. "We will also get better," said the twin. On Saturday 17, the coach could once again have Estaban Andrada, the goalkeeper who suffered a broken jaw two months ago in the first leg against Cruzeiro, corresponding to the quarterfinals.

In the afternoon Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio and Angelici, who had been closer than ever this week, crossed a few talks before the suspension. The Ecolabel manager did not want the troupe to come on the bus to travel to Brandsen 805 to see if it was possible to play Superclásico. Outside the monumental, a large group of fans had organized a loud banner of support.

In 24 hours, 100 millimeters of water fell! in Buenos Aires, what was planned for November. And today there will also be electrical activity. It will be difficult to play the Superfinals. As well as of course the sun shines. Something not currently in the plans or SanPedro.

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