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The regional government offered a year shift of 7000 pesos


28 November 2018

It is for Buenos Aires public employees; Today there is a new negotiation with the teachers. The gesture will lead to comparisons between provincial resources compared to the 5,000 pesos promoted by the nation.

The Buenosairean Government of Maria Eugenia Vidal offered a bonus of 7000 pesos to the employees in the province, which will be part of the paritarians. The measure is part of the negotiations that began yesterday between provincial and prime ministers, and it also includes a improvement of two further percentage points of the increase.

The majority of unions participating in the paritarians already accepted the various increases that require an increase of 30 percent during the year. But yesterday they got a final offer, then Governor Vidal had promised to renegotiate.

In addition, the government of Maria Eugenia Vidal called the teachers to renegotiate parities at 16, after a year characterized by a major union conflict, and just after the end of the school year 2018.

At the last meeting the head of state had proposed a 30% increase plus presentism and didactic material which added 31.7%. The offer can now go up at least two points if the system handled with the state is replicated and should include a bonus to pay once for about 7000 pesos. The teaching unit's front rejected the proposal and deepened the measures in force: The week that happened, he made a protest for 48 hours.

In short, the 4.5 million children in this territory They lost about 27 school days this year for national, provincial and surprising measures with attachment to other unions.

Vidal repeatedly pointed Vidal on the leader of the Unified Workers Union of Education (Suteba), Roberto Baradel, as a political opponent rather than a union leader, and held him responsible for the loss of school days.

The dispute between the government in Vidal and the front of the educational unit was extended throughout the school year, and it is not yet resolved how the school days for the 4.5 million children will be recycled.

Today, the front of the education unit and the economists, Hernán Lacunza; of Work, Marcelo Villegas, and Director General for Culture and Education, Gabriel Sánchez Zinny, will go down to negotiate a few days after the end of the cycle, at least in the case of secondary students.

The government formalized the development of the Christmas bonus for the state

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