Thursday , July 29 2021

The reaction of Mica Viciconte when Laurita Fernández started scaling a banana in order not to answer

Once again, the participant and the jury had a splendid round trip, including irony. video.

The face to face by Mica Viciconte and Laurita Fernández in Bailando 2018

After having multiple fronts open with some participants, Laurita Fernández I had found a technique for not trying to answer: draw. But at the last galan of Dance 2018, the jury surprised with their attitude when presented Mica Viciconte: He started scaling a banana! And the participant did not let it go.

This was the excited round trip:

Mica: What happened to you not drawing more?

Laurita: Because you're not talking about me, that's why.

Mica Viciconte: "(When he sees Laurita peeling a banana, he pauses and continues) Now he eats a banana, he eats everything, hello I'm doing it long. If he takes a banana now it takes the next fruit basket."

M: -Yes, I start talking about Laura, to see if she starts drawing. (When Laurita starts peeling a banana, she pauses and continues) Now eat a banana. Eat everything, eh! I'll do it a long time. Because you say I'm fighting with everyone and talking behind the camera, I'd like you to tell me who I'm fighting with. If you have ovaries tell me. I remind you that you fought with Yasmín Corti, Lourdes Sánchez, Mica Viciconte, Flor Vigna, Flor Marcasoli. They are so many I'm already lost. Now, if you take a banana, it takes a basket of fruit next to it.

Laurita did not answer. But when it comes to giving back when the girlfriend goes to Nicolás Cabré He began to make his criticism, Mica went to look for an apple and an orange! And hearing that the score was a four, Mica was sent out:

M: -Capaz that when he ate the banana, some were lost.

L: -If they can not match you, they imitate you.

M: That's your interpretation. If we have two fingers in front, it's another interpretation.

There is no guard!

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