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The raw story of a famous exvedette: "If I did not die when I fell, I would die for …"

Every weekend in "PH We can speak" there are memorable moments of all kinds. Guests usually remember funny anecdotes that cause laughter to the viewers, other times they are asked to tell about their most exciting secrets and many others tell their hardest experiences of life. This Saturday, a very famous exedette He told a section where he would lose his life.

This is Alejandra Pradón, who in 2004 stood on the cover of all the media after falling from the building where he lived, located in Mendoza in 1925. The incident occurred after an intensive discussion with who was her boyfriend at that time, Fabricio Lallana. It's the media version, at that time it was rumored that everything would have its origin because she would have been with river players, who probably used to make parties on the first floor.

The beautiful blonde she suffered from cracks and several injuries, in addition she had hip surgery. For the serious incident, Lallana was accused of attempted murder and spent 55 days in the Marcos Paz prison, but was later dismissed by Judge Wilma López for lack of evidence. But ale She assures her former struggle for her, which caused her case, and therefore she believes it would be convenient to resume the cause.

This was found in the cycle led by Andy Kusnetzoff. According to his testimony, with Fabricio they were only on the weekends, because during the week he had a lot of work. When Monday came, she asked him to leave, but he insisted on staying there. His exsegra had suggested that to get him to leave he would throw the clothes on the balcony so he had to go down to look for her and in the meantime she would use it to lock the door and prevent him from entering.

"We were
discuss. I threw the clothes and told him to go to Cordoba.
We all know how this job is that you do not stop working and he always, very much
heavily, it stopped behind me. I didn't want to be without me. He left but after
I came back … "he began to explain." I told him to look for a job … And
Mother told me: "Put things on the balcony and put a key to the door."
Then I stopped for a while, he added.

"Everything wrong for me has the parents. He is not spoiled: he is a person who did not have education because the parents did not give him education," he added. "I threw things to him one month, two months, four months … And in an instant the one who fell was I," the artist added. "We argued and I threw clothes on him. And I don't know, one day I wake up with the white lights in intensive therapy," he says. Alejandra.

"It's not that he drove me. I'm very small, he measures 1.94 meters. I fought and argued …" he asserted. The worst came later, because the man picked her up and took her to the apartment to hide her. "The first thing she did after the fall was to put her purse on the door to lock it. He picked me up and broke my blood vessels. I was in intensive care with zero red blood cells, all bleeding. I always say" I was Jesus Christ, " he told me.

"He hid me, I would say justice is investigating. That person is the worst thing that happened to me in my life. If I didn't die when I fell, I would die because I blew or when he hid me," he said . And he insisted, "For me it would be necessary to resume the cause". As for the rumors of football players, he said: "It was very bad people … Lucrar based on Alejandra Pradón is ugly, horrible, because the only story was this I say. It breaks my balls a lot when they discover."

"The judge of my husband, two or three years after that, told me that" there is an Aguilar "and told me this story: the best players from the river sold them and told them" the ball goes you with Pradón, It suits them to sell them. "And there he sold a lot, and he stayed a lot," he asserted. Pradon. "It served to sell them a little while and get a lot. It's the version of people who have come to me. The truth is that everything is very ugly," closed.

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