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The quality of life of cancer patients is strengthened with the support of the parties


Doctor of Psychology with Orientation in Quality of Life and Health, Felipe de Jesús Díaz, Doctor and Academician in University of Guadalajara, explains that impact negative which generates the diagnosis cancer is subdued if additionally the pair is an informed person who helps to clarify doubts and myths, such as the likelihood of survival.

In the case of breast cancer, for example, "there are people who are diagnosed they take it tragicallyWhen expectation is super wide there is a good chance of living, "he said.

He added it to the social support network of patients, the couple and the family They have a priority placeHowever, this network may consist of friends, pets, a support group with patients and survivors or a religious group.

The case Sebastián and Julia

to Sebastian, work, take care of your four daughters and give all types of support to your family a priority to achieve Julia, his wife, continues in his fight against breast cancer who diagnosed him four years ago. Having a partner, like Sebastian, supports the cancer patient with the diagnosis "positively changing the perception he is living and taking part in medical treatment", for the experts.

For Julia her husband and daughters are the ones who inform, encourage and encourage her because she has no relatives like her parents or siblings, "no more we, these in the house," she said. Despite muscle aches in the arm and back, consequence of the operation in itsJulia found a job that does not require too much physical effort and, together with her family, tries to live a whole life, "one hundred," she said.

Sebastián is currently working in the field after he is constantly changing jobs until he finds one that allows him to be absent when he accompanies, every 22 days, his wife for medical meetings, neither he nor his daughters leave her alone. "You must be there continuously, sometimes you need something more, not just financial support, but morally and emotionally," he said.

The support Sebastian gives to his family strengthens Julia, her four daughters and even himself, he assures, because he understands how important his efforts were despite the difficulties of the struggle he accompanies his wife. "If it were not him or my daughters, then God will know, I think he was not here anymore. What must happen will happen, but give up, never, because my engines are here, says Julia and nods and laughs.

Dr. Felipe de Jesús Díaz emphasized the importance of oncology patients and their social support networks that assume a healthy lifestyle in their thinking habits, such as being more selective with the consumption of information. Appreciate it up to 100% of people's feelings and mood It is linked to environmental impact and vice versa, so that a good "cultural nutrition" will benefit from an idea of ​​openness, well-being and hope, which has a positive effect on treatment.

What families Julia and Sebastián achieve, says Diaz, is to "contribute with theirs." witness to show that there is hope and yes you can surpass this diagnosis, which is initially taken as tragic and crucial. "

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