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The possible places for the final: Miami is ruled out, and has chances Doha, Asunción and Medellín


A postcard: This is what the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha looks like, a possible scenario for the superclass Source: Reuters

The Qatari eccentricity, with its petrodollars on duty for sport, seems to be the most likely place for the battered end of

Libertadores Cup

of America. The ratio between


and the Emirates are so fluent that the Asian team is one of the guests in the next Copa America. Qatar Airways, the flagship company, has sponsored the club's club competitions since the end of last month (except to appear on


). All these links allow Qataris to facilitate all party logistics, including transfers and organizational expenses, make the actions in the Qatar capital worth the match.

Miami, another city with enough economic and operating muscle to host an event of this extent, is ruled out by "agenda problem". Further behind were the possibilities of other South American cities: Asuncion del Paraguay and Medellín (Colombia), which ran on Tuesday afternoon. Minirao de Belo Horizonte was also offered, but neither the Brazilian football federation (CBF) nor the Brazilian city itself emphasized that the match was maintained. Conmebol has offers from other cities, such as Genoa (Italy) and New Orleans (USA). "We know that Qatar is far and logistics is complicated" was the phrase that was heard at Conmebol's headquarters.

Another news at the end of the day was that the election of the city did not await the Disciplinary Board's decision. As soon as there is an agreement, Conmebol will announce the location and match date, which will be the 8th or 9th next month. "We are planning matches and organizing them, it is our job, whatever the court decides," said a federal source.

With the Disciplines Board working from yesterday to afternoon, Conmebol's task was to find a viable place for the longest final in the world. All this, in addition to that, Boca has threatened to reach labor courts for the sports court (TAS). "The tournament is running its course and the game is played beyond what happens in the desktop," replied the sources to the device when they were heard. "The cups win at the court," said President Alejandro Domínguez in an open letter.

The opportunity to play in neutral territory (and beyond Argentina) opens another focus on conflicts.


He arrived in Paraguay convinced that the crucial meeting would be organized on another date, but in Monumental and with his audience. Whether in Qatar, Colombia or Paraguay, the scenario changes. For now, the club in Núñez must respond to the file that was opened yesterday by Discmutory Unit of Conmebol for the incidents.

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