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The possible Argentinian rivals in Sudamericana – 12/17/2018


This Monday night, Sudamericana will be released in 2019. And by the way, there will be several heavy teams in Argentina like Independiente and Racing. The others classified: Defensa, Unión, Colón and Argentinos.

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The tournament, which begins on February 5th and ends on November 9th. In the first phase, 44 classified teams from 10 countries will meet in Round Robin matches. These will be divided into two zones. To the south are representatives of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. While in northern, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

For the drawing of this Monday, the South Zone team will be in jumper A. And in B, they are in the north. So it reduces the margin for possible rivals Racing, Independiente, Defensa, Unión, Colón and Argentinos.

What are the Botafogo, Santos, Bahia, Fluminense, Corinthians and Chapecoense in Brazil. Once upon a time, Caldas, La Equidad, Río Negro and Deportivo Cali de Colombia. Catholic University, Deportiva Macará, Independiente del Valle and Mushuc Runa in Ecuador. Deportivo Municipal, Sport Huancayo, UT Cajamarca and Dep. Binacional de Perú. And Zulia, Mineros, Monagas and Students of Merida in Venezuela.

The 22 winners of these keys will play the second phase in South America, which will be added to ten teams from Libertadores: the eight thirds of the eight zones in Libertadore's group stage and the two best losses of phase 3 (last republic of liberators). Olé presents you all classified country by country.


Copa Sudamericana 2019.


Independent He waited until the final minute for the definition of Libertadores because if the champion was Boca he had gone to the Cup he won seven times. The triumph of the river returns him to the South American he conquered in 2017. And together Racing, those of Avellaneda will be the main feature of this tournament. In addition, there will be presence of the brave Defense and justice, nothing less than that of Union and Columbus to keep Santa Fe in excitement and Argentinos.

Copa Sudamericana 2019.


Until here and waiting for the tournament that lacks two dates and ends Wednesday 19th, Guabirá It is the only insurance of Bolivian football. From the minimum, Bolívar and Royal Pari They already have their places in South America but still strive to reach Libertadores.

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Copa Sudamericana 2019.


The presence of Colo Colo (with Agustín Orion, Barroso, Damián Pérez and Chaco Insaurralde, but without Lucas Barrios) undermines the Chilean team's participation. Antofagasta (directed by Argentinean Nicolás Larcamón), Unión la Calera and Unión Española are the other trans-nations in South America.

Copa Sudamericana 2019.


Sun of America, independent of Campo Grande (directed by the Argentine Mario Jara), Deportivo Santani and Guarani are Guarani teams in this competition. Overall, there are Argentinian players in their schools.

Copa Sudamericana 2019.


Cerro, Liverpool, Montevideo Wanderers and the River will be Charrúas representatives in this competition. All teams that could be a danger in addition to being not giants in Uruguayan football.


Copa Sudamericana 2019.


Botafogo, Santos (with Jorge Sampaoli as new coach), Bahia, Fluminense, Corinthians and Chapecoense They are representatives of Brazilian football. Two heavyweights from Rio de Janeiro, Santos itself and the giant Corinthians give the cup more prestige.

Copa Sudamericana 2019.


Once upon a time Caldas, La Equidad, Rionegro Aguilas and Deportivo Cali (already without Pepe Sand) are those classified by Colombia, which will not be rivals of the Argentines at the beginning.

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Sudamericana 2019.


Catholic University, Macará and Independiente del Valle they were the first to qualify. And this Saturday they went along Mushuc Rune, who surpassed Aucas in a duel who took the last Ecuadorian team to South America.

Copa Sudamericana 2019.


Deportivo Municipal, Sport Huancayo (its technician is the Argentine Marcelo Grioni), the University of Cajamarca (its coach is Franco Navarro) and Binational They are some famous clubs for the average football fan in our country.

Copa Sudamericana 2019.


Zulia, Mineros de Guayana, Monagas and Estudiantes de Mérida they are classified by Venezuela.

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