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The lapidary message from Jorge Rial to Clarín after the redundancies

The TV leader showed solidarity with the journalists who were thrown into multimedia and recalled that the government gave guidelines to the media.

April 17, 2019

The journalist Jorge Rial he showed solidarity his colleagues fired at Grupo Clarínthat he announced that he will reduce his staff Graphic Arts Argentine Editorial (AGEA) for "imbalances" in the middle.

"If the redundancies already occurred , with support and government guidelines, there is no coverage that conceals the crisis. Total solidarity with colleagues, Rial wrote in his personal Twitter account.

bugle began with the fence in his income for fear of a mobilization against layoffs in Clarin, Olé and other sectors of Graphic art of Argentine editorial (AGEA). The workers received an email from the manager Héctor Aranda who announced the restructuring process leading to the dismissal of dozens of employees. The multimedia delegates demanded a mobilization to ask them to stop the adjustment.

Aranda, communicated "the difficult decision" through a statement sent to workers by mail. "Voluntary repurchases with terms exceeding market conditions were opened within this framework, but imbalances remain which force the AGEA to reduce its staff, communicated on the day of the day, guaranteeing the total remuneration equivalent, "he reported.

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