Sunday , October 2 2022

The journey to the inside of the Bersa gun factory: this is the 9 million most sold in the country


"It never happened, and under the age of 50, we opened the press for the press," he said. Luis Stella, CEO of Bersa Sociedad Anónima. Today, Bersa meets 60 years and Stella sees how many journalists and photographers they travel for the first time the historical plant on Magallanesgatan in Ramos Mejía, with 110 workers and A capacity to produce almost 100,000 guns per year for markets around the world after two million weapons sold throughout their history.

"It's a competitive market," says Stella, looking at a table with her various models of their guns, centered in the TPR and Thunder series, mainly with calibrate 9 mm and 380. The market demands, says Stella: Bersa is preparing a new model every two years.

The last, Thunder 9 XT Pro, was created in 2016, a 9 mm, almost cinematographic, It's heavy by hand, with almost a kilo of aluminum. The symbol also weighs. Bersa today is The only brand in the country that produces firearms from the outset, unlike the assemblies of military manufactures. Its 9 millimeter is basically synonymous with a gun in the country and its commercial position is privileged to government direct purchases, but their products end in paradox: in the hands of security forces or in the hands of the criminals murder is committed by both.

Produce a Bersa, with precos for retail market from 10 thousand to 24 thousand pesosIt's not cheap. Stella esteem an investment of 18 million pesos over the past two years to modernize his machine. The 70-75 aluminum for making their weapons, a metal of sufficient quality used in the aviation industry and in satellites, is not bought in the country. Bersa switches to the dollar's value between South American and European suppliers to produce their handles, slides and loaders, a gun can hold up to more than 90 components in total.

Among the first elementary steps is, for example processing of the parts: Okuma computerized production machines Take and correct about 150 internal measures on the handles. Thereafter, the measurements of a second device are confirmed with the corresponding operator.

thus, the units reach the mounting sector. Slides are polished not by hand but off a robot inside of a cell designed by the Argentine company EK Robots for industrial automation. They also go through a blue area to improve the metal.

An operator is responsible Place the serial number by hand. Then after painting the main pieces-with pink guns including-a series of workers assembles the guns and reviews their parts until they are considered suitable for the latest evaluation: Each weapon is tested in its own polygon within the plant itself of two operators shoot a full magazine with a gun, with another who fills the loads.

They are tested 300 pieces per day fills the brass consortium bags in an adjacent hall. Approved weapons are sent to packages, with destinations such as Civilian Army Market in the United States -Berra's largest commercial niche, Poland, Uruguay, Peru or national security forces.

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