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The irregularities in D & # 39; Alessio, the lobbyist accused of blackmailing the notebooks

A confirmation of the attorney's talent against the prosecutor Stornelli leaves clear doubts and inconsistencies

Who really is
Marcelo D & # 39; Alessio? What is your true link with the prosecutor

The reason for the notebooks


Carlos Stornelli

? Do you work for the United States government, which he scared to tell his interlocutors? These and other issues stem from their own statements and actions that emerged in the past week. But only some are true.

The rest of the confirmations fall into the shadows. Or they are fake directly, which are reconstructed
The nation.

Currently, D & # 39; Alessio retained a floating relationship with Stornelli, whom he met in Pinamar and his fifth-floor office in the federal courts of

Commodore Py

, and exchanged messages through the WhatsApp service.

Famous for his dry and smoothest character, Stornelli showed a friendlier treatment than usual at D & # 39; Alessio, and also took five days to complain to him for alleged blackmail, despite the scandal that shook them.

At the same time, a dozen facts contradict D & # 39; s words and actions of Alessio. Including:

1- When contacting businessman Pedro Etchebest to extort money from him, D&I informed Alessio that his name was included in the act Stornelli and federal judge Claudio Bonadio instructed on the basis of "corruption notebooks". But it is false. Etchebest does not appear by name, nor by his company or by allusive way;

2- To scare the businessman Etchebest, D & # 39; Alessio also showed that whoever involved him in the investigation was the former kirchnerist official who was "reversed" Juan Manuel Campillo when he detailed the criminal activity of the National Agricultural Control Office (Oncca). But Campillo only referred to the then dissolved body to reveal his contradictions with the then president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, without mentioning any illegal or businessman.

3- In his dialogues with Pedro Etchebest, attorney Marcelo D & # 39; Alessio also stated that the notary who certified the copies of the laptops to the driver Oscar Centeno before the journalist for
The nation Diego Cabot returned to Jorge Bacigalupo was a notary who appointed his uncle, whom he identified as the current Secretary General of the nation. It is also wrong.

4- In another sound like D & # 39; Alessio sent to Etchebest on January 20, he told him he had met in Pinamar with Stornelli and Prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, "who is the one covering his ass who had passed the end of the week there. . bah, it doesn't matter. "Consulted by
The nation, Rívolo denied having attended that meeting and declared that "seven years ago" he does not go to Pinamar.

5- D & # 39; Alessio also claimed that he is working for the Ministry of National Security, which would have paid him to defend Leonardo Fariña. But Minister Patricia Bullrich showed that D & # 39; Alessio never worked for his service. "It is absolute lie and it will be a trial for that lie with impunity, to say things that are not," Bullrich said. In the same sense, Fariña denied that D & # 39; Alessio was his lawyer. "I'll try to talk quietly, this guy says he was my lawyer, he took me out of prison, but there's something that can't be ignored: I got out in jail on April 13, 2016 and Mr. D & # 39; Alessio I met in February 2018. There is evidence that I do not even have a phone number, this guy is a mental delirium, he says.

6- D & # 39; Alessio also boasted working for the US government's anti-narcotic agency (DEA, for his acronym in English) and grabbed an assumed allusive reference in the search of his house ordered by Judge Alejo Ramos Padilla over the weekend, according to the newspaper
commitment by Dolores. While the legal investigators are trying to determine their authenticity, the US Embassy in Buenos Aires changed its usual silence on its staff to deny linking with D & # 39; Alessio or that works for the DEA and the alleged reference "therefore is false" they pointed out.
The nation.

7- D & # 39; Alessio also told Etchebest that he would give him $ 300,000 because Stornelli needed them to buy a business heritage house from Alfredo Yabrán, Héctor Colella, in front of the CR spa in Pinamar. Consulted by
The nationColella indicates by a spokesman that he does not have a house in Pinamar, which therefore has no property for sale in the place he has not been for many years and does not know of Stornelli.

8- After the outbreak of the scandal, D & # 39; Alessio also stated that he was working in the state firm of Enarsa during the Kirchner administration and with the Cambodian government, but that after 15 days he was cast out in slander to recommend the then energy minister Juan José Aranguren to sell your actions in Shell . Consulted by
The nation, Aranguren said he met once with D & # 39; Alessio and others, who were before he was appointed minister in December 2015, did not give any recommendation because it was also "impossible": then his marriage declarations they were not yet public and therefore, D&I could not know that he had Shell shares.

However, D & # 39; Alessio records at least one similar to the one who lived with the prosecutor Stornelli and Etchebest. It happened in 2016 when he contacted the businessman Gabriel Traficante and offered to serve as a bridge with the judge responsible for the investigation of "container mafia", Marcelo Aguinsky. Traficante condemned him for extortion and during the investigation it was found that Alessio showed alleged WhatsApp messages with Judge Aguinsky, although the sender of the sender was not by the judge, but by his colleague Gustavo Meirovich. Why? Because on the internet there is a picture of Meirovich that was identified as if it was Aguinsky.

The judicial investigators suspect that D & # 39; Alessio or some partner falsified an exchange of adopted messages with Aguinsky, but he mistaken the picture. Like they think they have discovered a common pattern among their victims. D & # 39; Alessio met Etchebest (in the same office building in Puerto Madero) and Traficante (they live in the country). They suspect he was examining their habits, personalities, and weak flanks, and then faced them.

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