Sunday , October 2 2022

The government applied heavy fines to Edenor and Edesur for almost $ 500 million


The National Electricity Regulator (ENRE) apply hard sanctions against the power benefits of Edenor and Edesur, whose coverage covers the city of Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires suburbs.

The penalty, for one a total of $ 460,953.5 million, corresponds to the semi-annual survey conducted by the regulator on companies, to evaluate service quality, as determined in public hearings.

Edesur fined with $ 290,898,949.79while Edenor have to pay 170,054,507,31 pesop.

The inspection body was evaluated three things to establish compliance with the standards that distributors must follow: The quality of the technical service, taking into account the frequency and duration of power outage (which meant more than half of the fine) Technical product quality (voltage level and interference) and Quality of commercial service, which evaluates the response times for connecting new users, issuing the calculated invoice, claims on billing errors, or restoring the delayed offer due to a lack of payment.

To measure technical service quality provided by both distributors, ENRE uses two indicators for use at international level: the average break-out time per vacation user and the total break-out time per holiday user.

For this indicator the fine was added too close $ 260 million in March-August between those applied to Edenor ($ 154.5 million) and Edesur ($ 105 337.5 million), although the latter company, The quality of the commercial service was lapidary and it represented a penalty of $ 178.6 million during the period.

ENRE stated that the concession for the public power distribution service includes a penalty rule applicable when the concessionaire exceeds quality tolerances of the established service.

"Given that the affected users are the recipients, they take the sanctions that apply to companies such as replacement, adaptation of The cost (fee) is paid by the users to the quality actually delivered by distributors, "he added.

Therefore, ENRE considered within the scope of the fine toThe money is refunded to the users victim through the invoice, proportionally.

ENRE made an analysis of the results of the half-yearly review of Edenor and Edesur of the violations of "departures to the established levels", which corresponds to the term March-August 2018, it
period after the full tariff review (RTI), where customs, quality and investment conditions were established by 2021.

Where there were more and less courts

In the case of Edenor, was the average rate of interruption per user 3.99 times in the term, and the total duration of interruptions in the term was 14.65 hours.

As for the affected areas, cuts were small -Var quantity and duration-i the city of Buenos Aires (municipalities 2, 12, 13, 14 and 15), with the exception of the municipality 11 (Devoto, Villa del Parque, Santa Rita and Villa General Miter) and the party of Vicente López. In both cuts most frequent occurred in peripheral districts in the capital city of Buenos Aires, which General Rodríguez, General Las Heras and Marcos Paz.

With respect to Edesur, was the average rate of interruption per user 4,15 times in the term, and the total duration of interruptions in the term was 14.41 hours.

Of zones, the cuts were less – in number and duration – in the city of Buenos Aires (municipalities 1 to 10), while the interruptions were most frequent occurred in districts further away from the city, for example San Vicente, Cañuelas and Berazategui.

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