Friday , December 3 2021

The dollar returns to a jump and passes the bar at 39 pesos


The dollar accumulated an increase of 1.88% for sales to the public throughout the week and closed the day to $ 39,027, reaching the highest rating over the past eleven days.

At the wholesale level, the exchange rate increased by 77 cents compared to the end of last Friday and at $ 38.17, it also reached the maximum level in the last two weeks, reported Té

In the office segment, companies today amounted to $ 630.4 million.

In the first part of the wheel, the quotation of the US currency rose sharply and was then shed when the offer appeared on the market.
This was determined for today's wheels a significant volatility, with price ups and downs, analyst Gustavo Quintana indicated.

In the first stretch of the wheel, the wholesale dollar showed an increase of 37 cents and reached a maximum value of $ 38.25. Fernando Izzo, of ABC Mercados de Cambios, said that the increase was due to news from abroad and the new increase of Argentine land risk reaching 761 points.

The average interest rate of the liquidity letter decreased by 6 points compared with the previous day to 59.08%. In these figures, the reference rate of monetary policy in the last week was 59%, since last Friday it reached 59.16%.

In the auction today, the central bank allocated $ 125.132 million, which released an additional $ 34,000 million to the market.
Thus, the central bank allowed a $ 144 280 million monetary expansion in the past week, equivalent to $ 3 800 million.

In the money market between banks, "money money" worked on average 58%; while in swaps or swaps, companies grew at $ 156 million.

In the Rofex futures market, USD 1,165 million was completed. Of the total, 70% went to contracts with maturities at the end of December and January, with prices of $ 39,075 and $ 40,90 respectively.

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