Wednesday , October 5 2022

The court rejected an order from Sergio Maldonado to create an inquiry commission – 11/27/2018


The Supreme Court of the Nations rejected a statement by Sergio Maldonado in the context of the case in which his brother Santiago's death in the Chubut River waters is being investigated.

The complaint that represents Maldonado – for which artisan's death was linked to the repression of the gendarmery to a Mapuche poem on road 40, in August 2017 – demanded the integration of a group of independent experts in the cause, which oversees and cooperates with the survey conducted by the federal judge of Esquel. For Sergio Maldonado, only this external intervention will ensure "a comprehensive, effective, impartial and independent investigation".

The referee responsible for the instruction Did not place the order, to understand that it is the natural justice of the corresponding jurisdiction – in the event of the events that occurred in Neuquén, to Esquel's Federal Justice – who must complete the file.

Against that decision, the complaint lodged appeal with Comodoro Rivadavia's federal appeal validated the interpretation of the judge at first instance.

Against this ruling, the complaint lodged a cassation appeal, denied of Room IV in the Federal Criminal Chamber.

On Wednesday, the ministers Carlos Rosenkrantz, Juan Carlos Maqueda, Ricardo Lorenzetti and Horacio Rosatti dismissed the complaint because it is not directed at a final judgment or comparable to it.

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