Friday , December 3 2021

The confusing reaction of Mauro Caiazza when Jimena Barón told him he wants a child


He left her to pay! Mauro Caiazza made a live gesture to Jimena Barón when the actress told her that she wanted another child.

The couple was on LAM's mobile phone when Ángel De Brito asked Jimena if she had plans to become a mom again and if she thought about it with Mauro: "I would like another child, of course … at any time …"

"No, I do not see my dad, I've always seen him very far away, but I do not know we'll see, I have thirty three"The dancer threw the ball to the rostrum, after covering his head with a pillow and gestures while the actress spoke.

Jimena countered "I can not believe it" and also made a show of morisquetas to the camera.

"I have another life, if it's coming, we'll see, everything's fine", closed the theme of Caiazza.

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