Friday , December 3 2021

The Chinese change was completed and central reserves rose – 12/17/2018


Revenues from currency swaps with China increased central bank reserves. The company received 60 billion Chinese yuan, corresponding $ 8 725 million. That figure went to swell the reserves from the central bank, which reached $ 58,616 million.

In the company, it was also satisfactory with the development of its "monetary aggregate" program, which aims to appease demand for pesos, to withdraw money from the market.

The goal of the central bank in December is to get $ 1,351 billion in circulation, on average in December. It is 6.3% more than the target calculated for the previous months. Payments of bonuses, pensions and social benefits are usually performed on the third and fourth week of a month, pointing out the device to justify a "transient" expansion of these days.

Anyway, BCRA "plan for the meeting" target of $ 16 billion, according to the central bank. This means that you can spend more money from the square than you planned.

BCRA did not participate in the stock market, although its reserves also increased USD 38 million due to fluctuations in assets.

The "blue" dollar was received yesterday at $ 38.50, under the "official" dollar.

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