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The capital | Smartphones market assumes artificial intelligence


According to data from MediaTek in 2022, 80 percent of mobile devices will use some kind of artificial intelligence




Mexico.– The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has spread and the smartphone market begins to assume it, as some devices already work with this type of technology.

According to data from MediaTek in 2022, 80 percent of mobile devices will use some kind of artificial intelligence.

The adoption of this new tool is a challenge for smartphone companies, as it is not only to include the features of the equipment, but it is necessary to provide speed and low battery usage so that the AI ​​experience is best for the users.

The MediaTek company organized a workshop led by experts in AI to reveal the advances in this area, as well as the changes that users will have when interacting with their everyday devices.

The workshop was divided into four sections: Introduction to IA Technology; AI Ecosystem: A demonstration of IA Technologies applied in smartphones with examples and features; and trends in AI.

The Head of Business Development for Latin America by MediaTek, Alexander Rojas, commented that Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes how users relate to devices, which should offer maximum performance and the best experience.

"AI creates a revolution in how we use our smartphones. Thanks to the technology implemented by MediaTek, it will be possible to combine the user experience with optimal device performance."

The presentations highlighted the effectiveness of the Artificial Intelligence Processing Unit (APU) Processors, Neuro Pilot, which is a developmental ecosystem for AI, and features similar to Face ID, which is fast and efficient, as well as Smart Album, which allows devices to identify what are in the pictures or videos.

At the end of the workshop, Advanced MediaTek Manager of Latin America, Hugo Simg, was present in Mexico by smartphones models working with the Helio P60 / P22 chip, that is, with integrated AI in the first four months of 2019.

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