Friday , December 3 2021

The Boca players attacked the river


The abolition of River took a wave of criticism for the team led by Marcelo Gallardo it only ten days since he conquered Copa Libertadores de Amrica before Boca. Only Xeneize fans were the most referring to the story, each of the millionaires to Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates in the semifinals of the Club World Cup, an unrivaled event for football in our country.

Mix fans of Club de la Ribera There are two players related to the institution organized by Daniel Angelici. One of them is Ruth Bravo former Xeneize player and current football player in Tacn de Madrid. He also directed against the leenco commanded by Marcelo Gallardo. Camila Gmez Ares, currently playing in Boca's first team in women's football.

Bravo, who could integrate the list of Argentina Selection, especially against Enzo Prez. Pisala and now facing Enzo Prez …, wrote the football player at his twitter account. Is it that Mendoza midfielder was responsible for kicking the last penalty in the series against Al Ain and his weak shot was stopped by the local team goalkeeper who answered well in both the game and the definition.

On the other hand, the current player mouth I answered a tweet with an irona. A fan of Millo public: Against Real Madrid you can win or lose. Against Al Ain you can win or lose. Against Defenders of Cambaceres you can win or lose. Sabs, what's the only thing you can not lose? ", Accompanied by the photo of river soccer players with the Copa Libertadores won in Madrid against Xeneize.

Gmez le-competition and its publication had a greater impact than the original tweet. "And against Belgrano?" What the Boca player responded with referring to the duel between the pirate and the millionaire in it remembers the promotion of 2011 that ended with Nez's descent. Thus, the consequences of the painful every one of the millionaire against the local team in this club's world cup continues despite the historic victory of the river a few days ago.

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