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The bar vault will have no impact | Reperc …

From Santa Fe

The operation of Mauricio Macri to complete his formula with Senator Miguel Pichetto more than surprise or anger in Santa Fe Peronism generated relief. The head of Unidad Ciudadana in the province, Agustín Rossi, defined it as the president's "coup d'état", a sweep of "breaking the inertia competition", guaranteeing "second round entry" and "keeping with Bolichearista de Pichetto" the ultimate votes. "It is an opening to the right, I once said that Pichetto was on Macri's right and so is it," said the legislator. In the Omar Perotti environment, they interpreted it as a "no-network hope" of their colleague who facilitates things for the candidate for the Governor of the Front together. "It simplifies the task for Omar because he doesn't have to explain why he ended an agreement with Unidad Ciudadana and CFK, it's not about what type of peronism we want, here is Peronism on one side and Pichetto on the other," he said. . Rosario / 12 a close friend of Perotti. PJ's president, Ricardo Olivera, agreed that the chosen Macri is a "loose figure" in his party with the "intention to vote zero" which will coordinate "only his friends" while the first candidate for provincial leader Leandro Busatto was the most sought after. "Pichetto is a miserable place, a coward, a lukewarm, no one remembers these topics, history records politicians who make decisions for their cohesion and their beliefs and Pichetto have no coherence or conviction," he said.

Busatto interpreted Macri's movement. "The political system in Argentina moves toward two well-defined blocks: one to the right now illustrated by Macri, where multi-party leaders will go, including Pichetto, who expresses a model of society and country" to neoliberalism. "The other big block is the national and popular center-left field, where we do the opposite, we try to agglutinate a proposal to another country." The political map of Argentina will be as predicted by Néstor Kirchner, who talked about them Two blocks later there will be small asteroids that Lavagna will circulate around these alternatives, Lavagna will become the alternative for radicals disenchanted with Macri, "added For Busatto, Pichetto struck out "because no one" registers the lukewarm and cowardly, Pichetto is a miserable creature, a coward, a lukewarm story registering those who make decisions for their cohesion and their beliefs and Pichetto do not have cohesion or conviction, " he.

Rossi said the Pichetto operation is "a coup d'état" by Macri trying to break the "inertia competition", "guaranteeing the entrance to the second round," and keeping the ultrasound "with the most bolsonary discourse" of his companion's formula. "The opening is not against the center, it is on the right and trying to get the expressions that seemed to the right of your space (as the presidential candidate José Luis Espert) didn't develop very much." With Pichetto, the alliance opens) more to the right. I once said that Pichetto was on Macri's right and so is it, he says.

According to Rossi, the pole vault will have no effect on PJ, which coincided with what is heard in Perotti's environment ("Peronism was on one side and Pichetto on the other"). "Pichetto – said the head of the block of deputies of the Front for Victory – will not draw Peronists with political representation, can only call their friends." "The passport is part of the federal option's resolution, it says with all due respect," he said ironically.

What Rossi did is that Pichetto not only has to renounce the presidency of the national parliament's senator, PJ – who has already done so – but also his bank in the Magistrates Council. "The equivalent is to request the resignation of the position of the Council of Magistrates who occupy the representation of the opposition". And if he doesn't leave? "" Yes, there is a path that we must follow "to return the load." That's what corresponds. "If he had a gesture of renouncing the presidency of the bloc of national senators of PJ, who also have the gesture to renounce the ruling council, for this position to be occupied by the opposition" and today it is official, Rossi concluded.

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