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The Argentines are inclined to use "XL" phones

What are the preferred cell phones of the Argentines? Considering a study by the consulting firm Carrier y Asociados, local consumers are more likely to use the units in the XL segment. 5-inch (5 ") mobile phones appeared at the beginning of the decade, criticized for their excessive size, however, in 2018, 97% of mobile phones sold in Argentina had at least this screen size, according to the report" Argentine cellular market 2019 "developed by Carrier y Asociados Originally called "phablets", these devices were considered intermediate between a smartphone and a tablet, and over time, the tablets were decisive in stopping the growth of the tablet.

The latter not only began to grow in size but were then rewritten to the extreme age of the age pyramid. Older people who did not feel comfortable on a small screen and the youngest who were not old for a cell phone could watch videos or enjoy video games on a cheaper computer than a smartphone.

In Argentina, teams with screens of 5 "or more began to dominate sales in 2016, when they accounted for 61% of the total, grew to 75% in 2017 and amounted to 97% in 2018 (see infogram).

These sales today made half of the parking in use are screens of 5 "or more.

What is missing now is pants that allow these layers to be worn without squeezing out of the pockets.

The local market

Despite the large number of smartphone brands that entered the Argentine market in recent years, one has a good grasp of the situation: Samsung. So much so that almost half of the smartphones used in Argentina are of the South Korean brand, according to Carrier.

After detchronizing the once "invincible" Nokia 2011, Samsung is gathering eight consecutive years to top off the sales of smartphones in the country, with a gap compared to the second that started at just 3 points in 2011 to reach 45 points in 2017. years at the top of the market share with one second being rotated in pace with time, he set as the undisputed leader in the local market, having a presence of 47% in the total park of smartphones.

In recent years, the battle for 2nd place between Motorola and LG, with a Huawei that seemed threatening. Today and after what happened last year, the second place seems to be confirmed for a strong Motorola, whose sales volume increased by 55% by 2018, a year in which all its main rivals retreated, especially LG and Huawei who dropped a 63% each ending it private reports.

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