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The 5 reasons to believe Carlos Tevez will start in the Superfinal against the River


Final line before the match. Mouth will do the last two exercises before turning to the River to overtake the Superfinal de la Libertadores and will define the start of the river. The damage of Cristian Pavón has probably disturbed his plans and is thinking of this meeting, although it is true that he has extra material as a replacement. And one of them is none other than Carlos Tevez, which is included in the list of concentrates.

the apache get into the complement in the first leg and come with football memorabilia to have started on Saturday against Patronato of the Super League. In the offensive, the twins have a fixed piece Wanchope Perhaps the question is to know who will accompany him. between Carlitos and Darío Benedetto can leave the name, but we can not rule out a cover and even a change of the system.

Specifically, the surname Tevez has its own weight through track, parchment, titles and history against the rivals of all life. It's just that Barros Schelotto convinces himself.

This last step in Boca took Tevez with 34 years and was the most experienced on campus. He always became prominent and pursued ownership as a team played. At football level he has to adapt to the place he played on the squad. He tolerated substitution, did in a few matches (he made the worrying pull in the group game against Palmeiras in Brazil) and his silent support was recognized by most of his teammates who believe he is vital in the locker room. The insult aimed at Izquierdoz after 2-2 with the river on the road to Bombonera revealed him as the singer in a culminated moment of the season. The fact of hosting a dinner in his house on Tuesday, another example of how relevant it is to the team.

He did not have regularity in the commitments throughout the season, but he participated in the last three of Boca. He converted a double in the 4-1 win against Tigre and was the figure in the adjusted 1-0 against Patronato last Saturday (both in Bombonera of Superleague). And without a doubt, he opened the good picture he left for 18 minutes in Superclásico for the first part of Libertadore's final, a door to enter the starting line-up of the Monumental match. Tevez came in, engaged and even had a direct impact on the scoreboard: first with a try to the door to the big area and then with a magnificent personal maneuvering where he left face to face against Armani Benedetto while the match died. With Pablo Pérez in one leg, he ended up as midfielder.

Known is the personal relationship between Apache and Wanchope. In fact, Carlitos was one of those responsible for sponsoring the arrival of the former hurricane to the institution xeneize. The opportunity to start from the minute in Monumental would test the duo of fans by Mona Jiménez and Ulises Bueno. Crafty, can generate a wear on the last line of the river, which occurred several times during the match played at Bombonera. In addition, this would make it possible for Darío Benedetto – he's not a starter for Libertadores since the first time against Cruzeiro – enter in the supplement (or extend) and may be final final in the Superfinals.

Carlitos debuted in Núñez for 2002 Apertura, the day that Boca de Oscar Washington Tabárez won 2-1 with double Chelo Delgado. After that, he played a match that will remember forever and left him with a bittersweet taste: the 2-1 defeat in the semi-finals of Libertadores 2004, the day of his "gallinita". Tevez made partial equality that deposited Carlos Bianchi throw in the Cup final, but his flute in the celebration was noted by Judge Hector Baldassi and made him expel. Finally, Xeneize won the penalty shootout. He recorded another case (2-0) for 2004 Apertura, a triumph (1-0, Nicolás Lodeiro) for the 2015 Championship, a draw (0-0) for the 2016 Championship and a resounding victory in his recent visit to the Monumental: was the big number – double-bet – in 4-2 which also counted on the goals for Walter Bou and Ricardo Centurión.

"The trouble to win the Cup is something that makes me very hungry, to win it and retire in a big way, something I want, what I dream and what I want, I win it and I think I'm going in Pension, I have nothing left for fighting, what I want and what takes away my sleep. "This statement from Tevez was made in March this year, just after returning to the club. His record has registered five local and three international titles with the Boca shirt. On Saturday you get the big chance to win the ninth in the club and show the opportunity to play the Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. In his mind, the idea is to hang the boots at the end of the year and the result of his career's career that every football player is dreaming. There is no other player who has more desire to succeed than he.

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