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The 16-year-old teenager found unconscious in a residential hotel Vicente López died

A 16-year-old girl cheated on Saturday night in a coma and in serious condition after being shattered inside a hotel in the Buenos Aires city of Vicente López and in fact arrested a 43-year-old man who accompanied her, reported legal and police sources.

Everything started yesterday morning on the temporary protection of the Costa Azul, located at the corner of General Justo José de Urquiza and the Juan Carlos Cruz streets, in the northern city of Buenos Aires.

Legal and police spokesmen informed Télam that an ambulance was being called from the hotel, as a 16-year-old girl standing next to a man in one of the rooms had been compensated and led by cardiac arrest.

The girl had been transferred in critical condition to Vicente López Hospital, where she underwent electroshock resuscitation and later she was admitted and waited for her to arrive at the Science Police personal health center.

While police spokesmen first stated that adolescence had suffered hours after the death of the brain, legal sources to Télam clarified that it was so, even though her condition was critical, because she was induced to come and be connected to an artificial respirator.

At the same time, the man who was in the hotel room next to the mine was identified by the police as Diego Lapichiero (43) and was arrested and transferred to the 5th police station. by Vicente López, where he lived tonight.

Lapichiero will be investigated by prosecutor Lida Osores Soler, responsible for the functional learning unit (UFI) of gender-based violence by Vicente López, who belongs to the San Isidro legal department, waiting for the results of the tests to determine it crimes that will impose on the arrested.

On the other hand, the mine's relative was in the hospital, which told the doctors and the police that the girl was epileptic and that she was under psychological and psychiatric treatment, as well as being a marijuana and alcohol user.

Legal sources reported that the teenage girl lived in a residence in Munro Buenos Aires and that she knew the accused in advance, but that they did not have a formal relationship as a couple.

At the same time, members of the scientific police who carried out the first investigations in the room where teens decompensated were found and covers of what could be marijuana and cocaine, but it is expected that the laboratory will confirm that these substances were involved.

They also found empty containers of alcoholic beverages and sampled blood stains found at the site, which will also be analyzed, they informed the informants.

The Court's spokesmen stated that temporary protection was closed and pointed out that it is forbidden to bring minors to this type of accommodation.

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