Friday , December 3 2021

Superfinals between the river and Boca, the national team and the Argentine football: César Menotti's four sentences


It is common at the end of each year to make a general balance, that is why César Luis Menotti was consulted about what happened in 2018 in the football world: The Super Final between River and mouth of Libertadores Cup, it choice and structuring Argentinian football are some of the topics that the former coach took care of talking.

With the "veneer" of being the first coach to win a World Cup in 1978, Menotti He wanted to clarify a question about the national team. "The selection does not own anything. The selection invites the players in their conversations, the player has a decision to go or not"he claimed in a dialogue with Radio Miter.

Another of the issues being dealt with lean It was the local football. The former 80-year-old coach did not only do the Superliga schedule but also defended the fans. "Argentina's football is very complex. I feel cheated as a fan of the various schedules sometimes played, sometimes with very few people on the stand. First, you have to think about the fans. The football player must strengthen the relationship with the fan"he said.

In addition, he assured that the clubs would train young people instead of integrating players from abroad: "It would be very good to consolidate our youth and not go out and buy someone".

Menotti He did not want to stop giving his opinion about what happened to the duel back between millionaire and xeneize by definition of the most important event on the continent. "The games must be played and won at the court. If not, instead of hiring technicians and players, hire four barracks to throw stones. Do not confuse cheating cheating. Football should be too bad guys but not for cheaters, "he concluded.

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