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Solid state batteries, closer and closer to our mobiles

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If there is something we like about all users, it is that the battery in our smartphones lasts as long as possible, whether you have a terminal or if you have a unit over a thousand euros, It's two in the afternoon and you only have a 30% battery that can be bothersome if you use the terminal intensively to work.

We've already talked to you about one of the possible next steps of some manufacturers in terms of autonomy, And improving this can happen by starting to integrate solid state batteries into their terminals, something that comes closer.

Solid state batteries will soon reach smartphones

The solid state batteries seem to be one of the solutions through which users can have more autonomy in our devices, which means increased comfort when we use our terminal every day, without fear that the battery will wear out early.


And as we read in the Android Authority, the moment we see them on a smartphone should not be too far away. We have already said that Samsung worked on integrating these batteries into their terminals, and it seems as if they continue in it because of the difficulty of introducing them a lot.

Columbia University is working on a solution for any problems that may arise when it comes to internal components – something that is important for users' safety. which would be based on a small separation to isolate the lithium from the ion conductor, which would avoid short circuits.

Now it is just left for more manufacturers to invest in their own research of this type of technology to integrate it into their devices. Maybe next year, or in a few years we can see these batteries in a terminal, but no doubt the wait seems worth it.

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